School leave letter

By | August 3, 2009

Shane Cooper,

234 Evergreen Apartments,

New York

22nd July 2009


Ms. Daisy Smith,


Wellington High School,

New York

Dear Ms. Smith,

Re. Leave of absence from school

I am writing this letter for requesting you to grant leave for a period of four days on behalf of my daughter Sharon studying in nursery in your school.

Sharon’s mother had suddenly taken ill and has to be hospitalized. The doctors have diagnosed a cyst in her uterus that has to be operated immediately. The operation and total recuperation period in the hospital is estimated to be around four days. During this time, it would not be possible for Sharon to attend school as all of us will be at the hospital and there is no one to look after her or get her ready for school.

Hence I request you to grant leave for a period of four days starting 23rd July 2009.

Thank you for understanding the situation.

Yours sincerely,
Shane Cooper