Sample Letters

Letter writing is an art although outdated currently. Letters carry a lot of emotion and even act as substitutes for face to face interaction. Although letters take time to reach people, unlike the email, messaging and all other modern means, they carry a lot of substance to the reader.

We have taken up the job of preserving the art by providing sample letters in different letter formats to guide people to write letters.

Although these are the days where many age old postal systems are under threat for their mere existence, many people still find packed mailboxes at the entrance of their house. This is just due to the authenticity and completeness that the postal mails offer.

Most of the times writing a perfect letter is same as one speaks. The style of writing should vary depending on the person at the receiving end. It should generally be respectful, courteous and affectionate to superiors, inferiors and family & friends respectively.

Here is a set of etiquettes to be followed while writing a letter:

  • Replying to a letter is the foremost important rule and it is as uncivilized as not to respond to a person who speaks to you physically.
  • If the letter is short and precise, it must be started with a margin at the top and the same amount is to be left at the bottom.
  • Letters which are more important to the writer than the receiver must be enclosed with a self addressed stamped envelope.
  • All sorts of over writings must be avoided to the best of possibility to ensure that the letter looks neat.

Although there are hundreds of guiding rules, letter templates make things clear and we have provided many such samples for your reference. Go through and enjoy the art of communicating in writing!!!