Sample Business Letter Of Intent

By | July 16, 2011


Ms Kate,

Head of Sales Department,

Wings Apparels Ltd,



Ms Granger,

Sales Manager,

Wings Apparels Ltd,


Dear Ms Granger,

I, Ms Kate, the head of the Sales Department for the Wings Apparels Ltd in Houston region, am writing this letter with a specific purpose. You must be informed with the news that the Board of Directors for the Wings Apparels Ltd held their annual meeting 4 weeks prior to the usual time this year. The reason was to concentrate harder on our goals and make them come true in the desired way. Last year has been very unfortunate for the clothing industry and hence for us due to the Global Recession with which we were struck.

This resulted in the incomplete goal achievement process for last year. This adds to the onus for this year to recover from the lapses of the past time and get on track with our intentions. The details of targets shall be entrusted to you within a week. We are hoping for desirable changes.

Yours sincerely,

Ms Kate