Rental Application Cover Letter

By | September 11, 2014

When you need to apply for tenancy in an apartment, house or a hostel, then you will have to compose a rental application cover letter. This letter must be addressed to the landlord of the property. Your current address, cause for leaving the place and you occupation need to be specified in the letter. You must also mention your contact details.

Sample  Rental Application Cover Letter



Mr. Noah Morrison,


40 W.D. Road,

Moseley, Birmingham.

Date: 2.8.2014

Dear Mr. Morrison,

Subject: Rental Application Cover Letter

I am writing this letter to express my desire to take your property located at 47 MidTown Street, Birmingham, on rent. I was informed about this property by a real estate agent located in your area. I am a married man with my wife and 2 children and wish to stay on rent in your property for residential purposes.

I am currently working as a Chemical Engineer in ABC paints, Birmingham, for 3 years and am employed as a permanent staff with steady income. My wife is an educator at XYZ School in the same city and she acquires a stead pay too. We agree to sign any contract as per requirement. We are interested in the location of your property as it meets our professional requirements.

I have certain enquiries which I would like to confirm when we meet in person. Nevertheless, we are peace-loving people who would take good care of your property and be great tenants.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Thanking you,


Willey Smith

Mobile: 7897897897