Letter Templates

By | August 17, 2010

Letter templates are documents which give an outline of a particular letter. This is especially useful in the case of formal or professional letters which follow a set of rigid formal and stylistic rules. Letter templates are extremely useful as they not only enable one to frame a formal letter in the correct manner, they are also easily accessible, and they cater to everyone from amateur letter writers to professionals. Letter templates must be clear, cogent and precise. They should provide a sharp idea of exactly how a letter will be framed. Though a form of a letter is often dependent on the content, one must keep in mind that certain outlines are common to all letters. Letter templates must also both acknowledge and transcend the differences between different kinds of letters.

Letter templates may be of many kinds. Some are as follows:

  • Business letter template
  • Employment letter template
  • Leave requisition letter template
  • Employment seeking letter template
  • Professional letter template
  • Reference letter template, and so on.

Most letter template give the basic outline of the form of the letter, and the letter writer can add or delete aspects as suits his or her needs. Once one has the basic form, content may be varied according to one’s wishes.