leave request letter

By | August 3, 2009

Brian Paulson,

Goodman Inc.,

New York

22nd July 2009


Colin Andrews,

HR Manager,

Goodman Inc.

New York

Dear Mr. Andrews,

Re. Leave request letter

I wish to inform you that I will not be available for a period of two days starting 30th July 2009 to 1st August 2009. I have some purchased some property in the suburbs and during these two days I shall be finalizing the legal details of the same and taking possession of the house. I shall also be shifting into the new residence immediately and as a result I shall not be able to attend office on those two days.

I shall be available on phone, however, for any problems that may occur. In addition, I have instructed my colleague Joseph as to the details of the projects I have been handling and he is well aware of the situation and can handle the same for two days.

I kindly request you to grant me leave of two days.
Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Brian Paulson