Leave letter template

By | August 3, 2009

Contact Information

Your name



Employer Details

Name of person

Post held

Name of Company


Zip Code


Dear Ms. or Mr. and the last name

Body of the Letter

First Part

You have to be very polite and professional in this letter. You begin by requesting the HR manager, a leave of absence from your work for a certain period. You state the reason for the request, which could be just about anything that is required to be done or is the reason for your taking a leave of absence.

Second Part

You need to assure your immediate boss that there is no urgent pending work and that all details regarding projects you have handled, has been given to your colleague, who is capable of handling the show for the given period. You could add all details of projects being handled along with the status of each project.

Third Part

Finally, you talk about the date you are planning to resume work and also state that in case of any difficulty for joining on that date, you shall notify the company. As an endnote, you thank the company for considering your application.


Yours faithfully, truly, sincerely etc.

Your name