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By | February 26, 2010

Gary Perez,


15 June 2004


Ms. Sharon Turner,


Dear Ms. Turner,

I am writing to you to request you to grant me a leave for ten days starting this Friday. My daughter has been admitted in the hospital and needs to be taken care of. She has been diagnosed pneumonia and had to be admitted for further tests. Since my wife is out of town on some personal business, I am the one available to take care of her. I will report on duty as soon as she is discharged.

Kindly consider my application and oblige.

Thanks and regards,

Gary Perez

2 thoughts on “Leave application Email

  1. mohamed

    Dear Sir,

    I would Like to take a 5days leave on next month 5th,6th April & 14th to 16 April 2010. due to personal reason
    Kindly grant my leave & consider Application & oblige

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