General Business Cover Letter

By | August 8, 2013


Bridget Fonda

Purchase Manager

Gas Garments Limited

54 Room View Road

New York, New Jersey 3287

Dated: 8th of May 2012

Subject: Letter to express business interest

Respected Miss. Fonda,

This letter is to express our interest to do business with a reputed garment manufacturing organization like yours.

We, Raw Materials Manufacturer Limited specialize in manufacturing raw cotton materials required for manufacturing garments. Your organization makes cotton garments for which raw cotton material is required. We would like to supply you raw cotton materials as per the need of your organization. We do business with numerous garment manufacturing companies and can assure you that they are completely satisfied with our products. I can also assure you that our raw material would enhance the quality of your garments. We can provide you the products at the best possible price in the market. Above that it would be an honor for our organization to do business with you. I am sure that we would be successful in establishing an excellent business relationship.

I am enclosing cost details of our product and profile of our organization along with the letter. Looking forward to your reply.


Jack Ripper

Marketing Manager

Raw Materials Manufacturer Limited