Corporate Christmas Letter

By | December 10, 2015

Donald Wilson,


Donald and Co Inc,


Dec 25, 2015

Daniel Williamson,


Williamson and Co Inc,

New York-99006

Dear Mr. Daniel,

One year has passed away since we underwent the partnership contract. It has been very good year as far as experience with you is concerned. We have learnt various things by having contract with you. We also hope that you would also have learnt something from us.

This is the time of Christmas and every business concern is well aware of gaining from such festival. We would like to wish you that this Christmas bring you lot of prosperity and landmarks to your business. We would also like to wish that the Santa brings you lot of opportunity for your business.

We hope that this Christmas make our partnership stronger and bring lot of opportunity for us so that we can best gain from such partnership.

Merry Christmas!

Yours sincerely,

Donald Wilson