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Welcome Letter to Client

To, Martin Jack Manager Dreams Financial Business Firm Buckingham UK 20th October 2013 Subject: Welcome Letter to Client Respected Mr. Martin, We take this opportunity to first of all thank you for your kind consideration and interest in our company, Johnson and Johnson Financial Industries. Through this letter, we would like to extend a warm… Read More »

Welcome Letter to CEO

To, Peterson Charles CEO Fortune Enterprises Limited Nottingham UK 20th October 2013 Subject: Welcome Letter to CEO Respected Mr. Charles, On behalf of the entire team of Fortune Enterprises Limited, it is with great pleasure that we extend a note of warm welcome to you for being a new CEO of this company. We have… Read More »

Welcome a New Employee Letter

To, Fred Raymond 12-O, second floor, Martha tower, London 13th March 2011 Dear Mr. Raymond Subject: Welcoming you to our company This letter is to welcome you to our company ‘Greg and Mark solutions’. We are extremely proud and happy with the decision of hiring an employee as competent and experienced as you. We welcome… Read More »

Church Welcome Letter

To, Martha Aniston 37-H, third floor Potter building London 23rd June 2011 Dear Mr. Aniston Subject: Church welcome letter At the door of God, everybody is welcomed with open arms. At St Xavier’s Church, London, you are welcome as a new visitor. I, on behalf of all the priests associated with the working association of… Read More »

Conference Welcome Letter

To, Henry Jack G-90, second floor Martha tower London 16th May 2011 Dear Mr. Henry Subject: Welcoming you to the conference On behalf of the entire organisation of the 34th Annual Diabetes conference, I welcome you to the said conference. This conference has been in existence for 33 years and has entered its 34th year… Read More »

Resident Welcome Letter

To, Peter Robinson 34-H, first floor Jacky Avenue London 19th June 2011 Dear Mr. Robinson Subject: Resident welcome letter This letter is to welcome you to our resident colony called ‘Jacky Avenue’ which is London’s most reputed living colony. We are extremely glad and happy to have you as the new residents here and would… Read More »

Employee Welcome Letter

To, Greg Gellar 45-P, East Street Avenue Post office tower, London 18th May 2011 Dear Mr. Greg Subject: Welcoming to you in our company We are extremely glad and happy as a corporation to welcome you to our company ‘Kell private limited’ from the 21st May 2011 onwards. You shall be filling the position of… Read More »

Wedding Welcome Letter

To Stephanie Goldman 1 King Charles Street, Westminster, London SW1A2, UK 30th October 2011 Subject: note welcoming you to the wedding Dear Stephanie I would like to inform you that Adam and I have decided to get married. I know you will be really happy for us and a little upset about me not calling… Read More »

Welcome Letter Format

To Name of the recipient [write the name of the recipient] Address [write the address of the recipient of the letter] Date [write the date of sending the letter] Subject: [write the subject of the letter in a precise manner] Dear _____________ [write a proper salutation and a title for the recipient] First paragraph: [In… Read More »

Welcome Letter Example

To Kathy Barns 74 Prescient, Fifth Avenue, London, UK. 13th November 2011 Subject: Welcoming to the new work place. Dear Kathy We have written this letter to congratulate you on being appointed the new manager for the sales department of our firm. We found you extremely suitable for this job as per your qualifications and… Read More »