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Warning Letters

Warning letters are used for varied purposes. However, it is the most common in educational institutes, credit card companies and workplaces. These are generally addressed to the offender who violates the terms of an organization or does not abide by the set rules. Sometimes these letters are designed with notifications that precisely discuss the legal… Read More »

Attendance Warning Letter

To, Ryan Reynolds 45-K, first floor Tent tower New York 23rd Dec 2011 Subject: Attendance warning letter This letter is written to remind you of the fact it has been observed that you have been repeatedly taking a lot of leaves from office in the last 3 months. You have been warned before verbally by… Read More »

Employment Warning Letter

To, Peter Jacob M-9, Ernst villa building New York Dear Mr. Jacob Subject: EMPLOYMENT WARNING LETTER This is to inform you that you have been found to resort to an unprofessional approach in the work place. This letter shall serve as a formal warning letter for your behaviour in office during the last 2 months.… Read More »

Disciplinary Warning Letter

To, Henry Tyson 34-H, first floor Potter’s building London 27th June 2011 Dear Mr. Tyson Subject: Disciplinary warning letter This letter is to bring to your attention that there have been many unsatisfactory aspects which have been noticed in your work performance and overall behaviour in office. The most striking factor was your absence from… Read More »

Employee Warning Letter

To, Bill Markson 23-P, friend’s colony London 24th March 2011 Dear Mr. Markson Subject:  Warning for behaviour in office I am writing this letter to you to warn you against any misbehaviour in the workplace.  You have been verbally warned before by your immediate heads in your department but there have been more reports of… Read More »

Final Warning Letter

To, Jonathan Banner 8127 Highland House 837 Palm Drive, California November 10, 2011 Subject: Final warning against non-payment of rent Dear Mr Banner, You have not been paying the rent since the last two months and you have a due of $1,200. Ten days of this month has also passed by and I have not… Read More »

Warning Letter Format

To, Recipient’s name: [Name of person or organisation]: Designation: Recipient’s address: Date: Subject: [Describe the reason of the warning in less than 10 words] Dear [Write down name of recipient with appropriate title], [The first paragraph must make the most impact and should write in the very beginning why is the recipient of the letter… Read More »

Warning Letter Example

To, Gary Roy, Sales Head, Finish Motors 63 Street, Detroit November 10, 2011 Subject: Warning against inappropriate behaviour Dear Mr Roy, I am writing you this letter as a written warning for your inappropriate behaviour at the workplace. Although we have issued several verbal warnings to you, it seems that they have fallen on deaf… Read More »

Sample Warning Letter

To, John Wesson, Manager, Sales Department Carl Tyres, 31 Avenue, New York November 10, 2011 Subject: Warning against indecency and inappropriate behaviour Dear Mr Wesson, This letter serves as a written warning for a verbal altercation that occurred between you and Ms Donna Richards last evening at about 5 o’clock in your department. When Ms… Read More »

Warning Letter

To, James Kelly Trainee, Sales Department Philis Telecom, 31 street, Seattle November 10, 2011 Subject: Warning against unruly behaviour and indiscipline Dear Mr Kelly, It has been brought to our notice that you have been repeatedly coming late to office in spite of being verbally warned by your superiors many times. Moreover, when they tell… Read More »