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Property Transfer Letter

Property transfer letter is written by the owner of the property to the purchaser of the property. The letter provides an official communication between both the parties which specifies all the details of the property that is being transferred. A sample of property transfer letter is given below for help. Sample Property Transfer Letter To,… Read More »

Employee Warning Letter Template

To, Name of the recipient [Give the name of the person who shall receive this letter] Address [Give the address of the receiver] Date [write down the date of sending the letter] Dear [Write down the salutation and name of the receiver of the letter] Subject [Write down the subject of the letter in not… Read More »

Transfer Letters

Transfer letters are generally forwarded by the employees to the higher authority explaining how they are qualified for a transfer and through this process what changes they anticipate to bring for the betterment of the organization. This is a written record of the transfer request which can be served for future need as well. One… Read More »

Appraisal Transfer Letter

To, Brian Kelly Manager, Mortgage Solutions of New Jersey 87 Kirby Lane, Waco, Texas November 9, 2011 Subject: Notice for appraisal transfer Dear Sir, I would like to inform you that I have decided to transfer and release all ownership and associated rights of this appraisal to Mortgage Solutions of New Jersey. The appraisal being… Read More »

School Transfer Letter

To, Marian Rose Headmistress, St Paul’s High School Austin, Texas November 8, 2011 Subject: Request for school transfer Dear Ms Rose, My daughter Paula Daniels is a student in your school studying in class 4 (roll number 15). Although we are very happy with your school and the teachers, we request you for a transfer… Read More »

Business Transfer Letter

To, Kenneth Cruise Senior Manager, Distance Lines Telecom, 51 Northern Avenue, Seattle November 8, 2011 Subject: Notice for business transfer Dear Mr Cruise, This is to inform you that we have decided to transfer you to our branch in Avery, effective December 1, 2011. This is in line with business rejig plan which has been… Read More »

Employee Transfer Letter

To, Rachel Greene Senior Manager, Classy Line Inc, 51 Western Avenue, New York November 7, 2011 Subject: Notice for transfer Dear Ms Greene, This letter is to inform you that you will be transferred to the sales and marketing department of the company from your current department at the same post as you hold now… Read More »

Job Transfer Letter

To, Gary Owen Senior Manager, Timeless Group Company 51 Eastern Lane, Washington DC November 6, 2011 Subject: Notice for job transfer Dear Mr Owen, I am writing this letter to inform you that you will be transferred to a new job position within the company which will have some new and additional responsibilities. This is… Read More »

Transfer Letter Example

To, Henry Rattler Managing Editor, The New Age, 31 Kirby Avenue, Washington DC November 5, 2011 Subject: Request for transfer Dear Mr Rattler, I am an feature writer in your esteemed newspaper and have been working in the features department since the past 2 years. Although I love to write feature stories, I have always… Read More »

Transfer Letter Format

To, Recipient’s name: [Name of company or individual]: Designation: Recipient’s address: Date: Subject: [Describe your purpose of the letter in less than 10 words] Dear/Respected Sir/Ma’am, [The first paragraph is always the most important part of any letter and here you must mention which department/location you work in, how long you have been working here… Read More »