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Termination Letter for Security Contractor

A termination letter for security contractor is one that is issued to a security contractor terminating his/her services. The letter should provide reason for termination along with the effective date of termination. A sample termination letter for security contractor is provided below for reference. Sample Termination Letter for Security Contractor To, The Manager, Novel Security… Read More »

Vehicle Lease Termination Letter

To Andrew George Lessor House Number 3, Park Street, Joy Apartments, Windsor Square Buckingham UK 21st October 2013 Subject: Vehicle Lease Termination Letter Respected Mr. Andrew, On 15th October 2011, I, William Shane, signed a vehicle lease agreement for your vehicle number 2134, model number 59399, colour- Bronze. I took your vehicle on a lease… Read More »

Commercial Lease Termination Letter

To, Mathew Paul Landlord James Street, House Number 212, Main Square, Opposite Royal’s Club London UK 20th August 2013 Subject: Commercial Lease Termination Letter Respected Mr. Mathew, Through this letter, I would like to inform you that my tenancy at your commercial leased out property situated at Leo’s street, shop Number 1, London, is ending… Read More »

Residential Lease Termination Letter

To, Mr. Mathew Hedley Apartment Manager 53-5, John Crews Road New York City, NY Date: 19-09-2013 Sub: Notice of lease termination: Ref: FL-32,B-9-0765 Dear Sir, This is to inform you formally that I shall be leaving my apartment on 19-10-2013. As per the Residential lease, reference number- FL-32,B-9-0765, clause no. IV, it is pertinent to… Read More »

Franchise Termination Letter

To, Mr. John Portaco Barbarra Showroom Pvt. Ltd Austin, Texas Date: 19-09-2013 Sub: Franchise contract termination, ref- Cn 5454585 Dear Mr. Portaco, This letter is to inform you formally that our management has taken a decision to terminate the franchisee distribution in your retail shop. We had given you verbal notification six months back on… Read More »

Service Contract Termination Letter

To, John Eastwood General Manager Fly-King courier services 45D-F4-Nathal Road Cookstown, Northern Ireland UK Date: 19-09-2013 Sub: Termination of service contract Dear Mr. Eastwood, In reference with the service contract (vide SC-FL 312544250, dated 04-01-2011) between your company and my company, this is to inform you with heavy heart that the said contract needs to… Read More »

Business Contract Termination Letter

To, Mr. Anthony Breetle Managing Director Floyd Surgical Equipments Ltd #54, Stamped Road London, UK Date: 20-09-2013 Sub: Termination intimation of business contract: Ref- 876540 dated 02-02-2012 Respected Mr. Breetle, With reference to the telecom discussion that I had with you yesterday dated 19-09-2013, I would like to inform you that out business contract, Reference… Read More »

Vendor Service Termination Letter

To, V.K. Ronda Blue Mineral Water Pvt. Ltd Atlanta, New York USA Date: 20-06-2013 Sub: Termination of Vendor service agreement Respected Mr. Ronda, This is to inform you that our management team has decided to terminate the vendor service agreement that was signed on 04-04-2013, reference contract no- VS2142575 due to poor service from you,… Read More »

Termination Letters

Introduction: Issue of Termination of Employment letters, although an unpleasant duty, is an inescapable aspect of effective Management. However, in all fairness, a Termination Letter should be used only as a last resort after periodic counseling for improvement of performance has had no effect. Termination letters must be polite and not hurt the sentiments of… Read More »

Attorney Termination Letter

August 7, 2010. Ms. Janet Jackson, 142, Main Street, Chicago, USA. Dear Ms. Jackson, [Subject: Termination of Attorney] This is to inform you that you have been expelled from the legal counsel of attorneys, serving the state of Chicago, owing to your irresponsible and negligent behavior in the court premises yesterday.  Your rude argument with… Read More »