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Sympathy Letters

Sympathy letters are expression of condolences for those in bereavement. Sometimes it becomes very hard to accept the death of a loved one. It is during those times that people need the company and support of family members and friends who can partially heal the sorrows with sympathy. It is personal in nature as it… Read More »

Sympathy Letter to Boss

Mr. Olive Green, Vincent Street, Baltimore, USA. Respected Sir, I feel extremely sad on the sudden demise of your father Mr. David. I have been a part of your company since your father’s reign and it was like a wish come true to work under him. He has always been a very good business man… Read More »

Personal Sympathy Letter

Mr. Dale Coring, 32-Alfred Street, Blackpoll, United Kingdom. Dear Mr. Dale, It was heart breaking news to hear that your wife passed away last night. I really feel bad for what has happened. Though I know that my words to comfort you are futile, but those are all I have got now to give you.… Read More »

Sympathy Letter For Illness

Subrahmanya Sarma S/o. Hiranya Sarma, H.No. 2-2-506; Green gardens, Hyderabad.                                                                                                          Dated: Aug 08, 2010 My dear boy, Hope this letter will find you in good spirits.  I am writing this letter to you on knowing your recent sickness.  I suggest you to take extra care of your timely food and regular exercise regiment when… Read More »

Sympathy Letter for Loss Of Pet

Ramesh Reddy 2923; Telephone Colony, Hyderabad Dated: Aug 08, 2010 Dear Ramesh, Hope this letter will find you in good mood.  How your studies are are going on?  I am sorry to hear about the sudden death of tiger, the Alsatian dog of yours.  I know very well how you have developed your attachment with… Read More »

Sympathy for Loss of Husband

Mrs. Surinder Kaur, H.No. 1145-D; Devnagar avenue, NEW DELHI. Date: Aug 08, 2010. Respected aunty, I am sorry that I hear the sudden demise of uncle Veerender last week and I could not make it convenient to meet you personally in this moment of grief as I am in hospital due to some road accident. … Read More »

Sympathy Letter For Loss Of Wife

Veerendra Singh, 14, Palace Heights, Raj towers; Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad. Date: Aug 08, 2010. My dear brother, I am fine here and hope the same with you.  I heard the sudden demise of your wife ten days back and shocked to hear the news.  I can understand the sentimental bond between the life partners and how… Read More »

Sympathy Letter for Loss of Mother

Mrs. Rajani Sharma, Senior Accounts Officer, GM Telecom, Visakhapatnam. Date: Aug 08, 2010. Hello my dear friend, How are you and kids?  I am shocked to hear the sudden demise of your mother a fortnight back.  I am very sorry and I share this grief with you and my deepest condolences to you.  In fact,… Read More »

Sympathy Letter for Accident

Rajesh Chibber, 25D; Style Chambers, Akash Ganga, Hardwar. Date: Aug 08, 2010. Dear Rajesh, Hope this letter will see you in cheers.  It is a long time that I am writing you a letter and I am sorry that I came to know that you met with an accident recently.  How are you now and… Read More »

Sympathy Letter for Loss Of Father

Jerripothula Ankaiah, H. No. 294/3; TRT Quarters, Vidyanagar, HYDERABAD. Date:  Aug 07, 2010. My dear brother, I am deeply shocked to hear the news of sudden demise of your father Rajaiah uncle yesterday. I share my heartfelt sympathies with you in this sorrow moment.  My heart goes to our childhood days in nostalgia remembering the… Read More »