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Sponsorship Letters

Many philanthropic organizations, youth sports club, advocacy groups and schools rely on the donation or sponsorships from government bodies or corporate sectors in order to accomplish their goals by meeting their needs. Sponsorship letters are one such document which helps the authority to present their requirement and request for a sponsorship in order to facilitate… Read More »

Corporate Sponsorship Letter

To, Thomas Riley CEO, New Age Telecom, 31 Street, Austin November 2, 2011 Subject: Request for corporate sponsorship Dear Mr Riley, On behalf of the students and faculty of the Central Institute of Science Studies, we would like to request your corporate sponsorship for the annual quiz event “TechQuiz 2011” to be held in our… Read More »

Baseball Sponsorship Letter

To, Ethan Halls CEO, Connect Telecom, 31 Sea view, Seattle November 1, 2011 Subject: Request for baseball sponsorship Dear Mr Halls, On behalf of the players and management of the Giants Baseball Team, it is with a great sense of hope that I write this letter to you. Without taking any more of your time,… Read More »

Academic Suspension Appeal Letter

To, Professor Matthew Simons Dean, University of Dallas, 31 Wellington Building, Dallas November 3, 2011 Subject: Academic suspension appeal Dear Professor Simons, I am a student of the Department of Physics and currently in my final year of graduate studies. I am appealing the decision of Professor Gerald Jones, Head of the Physics Department, which… Read More »

Event Sponsorship Letter

To, Ms Marian Philips, MD, New Tech Inc Austin October 11, 2011 Subject: Request for sponsorship of tech event Dear Ms Philips, We request you to be a sponsor at the annual tech event “MindTrick” of our engineering college National Institute of Engineering Studies in Austin, to be held from November 1 to 10, 2011.… Read More »

Sponsorship Letter for Cause

To, Mr Ken Rogers, MD, New Age Inc Austin October 11, 2011 Subject: Request for sponsorship for aiding research on AIDS Dear Mr Rogers, Our organisation is non-profit group striving to do research on AIDS and help people with this condition get medicines at the lowest costs. We request you to sponsor our event “Reach… Read More »

Sponsorship Request Letter

To, Mr Philip Major, 15 Oakview Hills San Antonio October 10, 2011 Subject: Request for sponsorship for building new stadium Dear Mr Major, We at St Anthony’s Junior High are looking to set up a new stadium for our basketball team with all the latest amenities. Our school basketball team has been consistently been reaching… Read More »

Sponsorship Letter Format

To, Recipient’s name: [Name of company or individual]: Designation: Recipient’s address: Date: Subject: [Describe your purpose of the letter in less than 10 words] Dear/Respected Sir/Ma’am, [This is the most crucial paragraph as here you must inform the recipient about the event or cause for which you require sponsorship. Also give details of the date… Read More »

Sponsorship Letter Example

To, Mr Edward Pines, 19 Hill Drive San Marcos October 10, 2011 Subject: Request for sponsorship for orphan children Dear Mr Pines, I would to like to extend my deepest regards for your work with orphan children and I appreciate how you and your family are so involved in helping members of the society who… Read More »

Sample Sponsorship Letter

To, Mr Henry Adams, MD, Pine View Inc, Los Angeles October 10, 2011 Subject: Request for sponsorship for annual art exhibition Dear Mr Adams, Our college is organising its annual art exhibition “Imagination Trails” from October 22-24, 2011 and as a representative of the arts department, I request you to kindly sponsor the event. The… Read More »