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Resignation Withdrawal Letter

A resignation withdrawal letter is written by an employee to his/her employer for the resignation put by him on certain date. The tone of this letter should be apologetic by specifying the reason for withdrawal. Please find the sample of resignation withdrawal letter given below. Sample of Resignation Withdrawal Letter  To, HR Manager ABD Pvt.… Read More »

Resignation Letters

Resignation letters are generally one of the last communications from the employee to the organization or company. It is important to keep it positive or neutral, as it would be in the records of the company. The letter must be brief and to the point.  The letter must include the effective date of resignation, the… Read More »

Nurse Resignation Letter

Sarah Jacob, 8123 F Blackstone Ave Chicago, IL 60619 To, Dr. Philip Thomas Manager (HR) Richmond Hospital Chicago, IL 60619 31st July, 2011. Sub: Resignation from the post of Nurse Dear Sir, I request you to kindly accept my resignation from the post of Nurse in your hospital.  Please treat this letter as the one… Read More »

Early Retirement Resignation Letter

Simon Jones 200 Cottonwood Way Columbia, SC 29229 To, General Manager All-Bright Company Columbia, SC 29229 2nd February, 2011. Sub:  Resignation Letter Dear Sir, After 30 fruitful years of service in the Company, I am due to retire from the post of Senior Accountant with effect from 31st August, 2011.  However, I wish to put… Read More »

Funny Resignation Letter

Janice Wilson 11512 Washington St Denver, CO 80233 To, Mr. Philip Thomas General Manager Fabulous Company Denver 15th March, 2010 Sub: Resignation letter Dear Sir, I wish to submit my resignation from the post of Executive Assistant to the General Manager. I had taken up this job, hoping to learn my reins in management.  After… Read More »

Withdrawing a Resignation Letter

From: Rachel Warren 6987 Spring-pond Rd Columbia, SC 29223 To, General Manager, ABC Company Ltd. Columbia, SC 29223 19th September, 2011. Sub: Withdrawal of Resignation Letter Dear Sir, This is with reference to my resignation letter dated 10th September, 2011.  I would like to withdraw my application, due to the change in circumstances. As you… Read More »

Resignation Letter to HR Manager

Steven Jacob 1234 Brent Point Rd Stafford, VA 22554 To, HR Manager Torrent Group Limited Stafford, VA 22554 14th November, 2011. Sub: Resignation from the post of Accountant Dear Sir, Please consider this letter to be my formal resignation from the post of Accountant.  I have been looking for an opportunity to co-locate with my… Read More »

Employment Resignation Letter

Jane Roberts 6042 Big Springs Ct Las Vegas, NV 89112 To, General Manager XYZ Company Las Vegas, NV 89112 14th September, 2011. Sub: Resignation from the post of Senior Project Manager Dear Sir, I wish to tender my resignation from the post of Senior Project Manager.  I wish to re-locate to San Jose, California, as… Read More »

Church Leadership Resignation Letter

From: Carl Langdon 200, Boylston AVE F Seattle WA 98101 To: Bishop John Gilbert All Souls’ Church Boylston Seattle WA 98192 17th January, 2011. Sub: Resignation from Church Leadership Dear Father Gilbert, After serving the Church and the members of this congregation for 4 years, it is with sadness that I wish to resign from… Read More »

Teacher Resignation Letter Template

From: Christine Jones 200 F Main ST Phoenix AZ 85124 To: The Principal Bright Kids School Phoenix AZ 85123 13th June 2011. Sub: Resignation from the post of Teacher Dear Ma’am, I hereby wish to tender my resignation from the post of a primary teacher.  As my family is moving out of this city, I… Read More »