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Pharmaceuticals Sales Recommendation Letter

To Mr. Jeffrey Bond Chief Executive Officer M/s Bond Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. London, UK. 21st September 2013 Subject: Recommendation for the position of Pharmaceuticals Sales Executive. Dear Sir, With due respect, I take immense pleasure in recommending Rose Stanfield for the post of Pharmaceuticals Sales Executive for your company. Rose has been working for us… Read More »

Recommendation Letters

INSTANT RECOMMENDATION LETTERS. How To Write Any Type Of Recommendation Or Reference Letter with 79 Real-life Downloadable Templates. Recommendation letters can generally be classified into three types: Academic Reference letter, Character reference letter and Employment Reference letter. One of the pre-requisites for writing a Recommendation letter or a reference letter is that you should know… Read More »

Sample Graduate School Recommendation Letter

From, Mr Clarington, Principal, Wilson college of Commerce, Seattle To, Principal, St Xavier college of Commerce, Chicago Dear sir/ madam, I, Mr Clarington, the principal of the Wilson college of Commerce, am writing this recommendation for the admission of one of our brighter students, Ms Jean. Ms Jean has been in the graduate school pursuing… Read More »

Sample Court Recommendation Letter

From, Mr Roxon, London Court of Commerce, London To, Mr Finnegan, Human resource officer, ICUC bank, Monaco Dear Mr Finnegan, I, Mr Roxon, the chief lawyer for the London Court of Commerce, am writing this letter of recommendation for Mr Gibbs. Mr Gibbs has served me as the assistant after completing his law studies. He… Read More »

Sample Doctoral Recommendation Letter

From, Dr Kahn, Kahn’s Clinic, London To, Dr Veronica, Hilton Clinic, Paris Dear Dr Veronica, I, Dr Kahn, am writing this letter to put forward the name of Stella Lewinsky for the post of medical assistant in you clinic as my recommendation. Stella has been my assistant for past 6 years and I take extreme… Read More »

Sample English Teacher Recommendation Letter

From, Mr Garry, Principal, St Louis High School, Houston To, Mr Xavier, St Thomas High School, Paris Dear Mr Xavier, This letter has been drafted for the recommendation of Ms Parker for the post of English teacher in your esteemed educational institution. Ms Parker has been the star teacher at our school. However, her marriage… Read More »

Job Application Recommendation Letter

From, Mr Richards, Human Resource Officer, Sterling Cinema Chains, Houston To, Mr William, Human Resource Officer, Winston Cinematic Giants Ltd, San Francisco Dear Mr William, I, Mr Richards, the human resource officer for the Sterling Cinema Chains, am writing this letter with the purpose of recommending the name of Emily Grant for the post of… Read More »

Recommendation Letter for Former Employee

From, Mr Page, Head of the Marketing Department, IMB Technologies Ltd, Houston To, Human resource officer, Orange Technologies Ltd, Denver Dear sir/ madam, I, Mr Page, the head of the marketing department for the IMB Technologies Ltd, am writing this letter to put forward a recommendation for the name of the candidate, Mr Turner, for… Read More »

University Recommendation Letter

From, Mr Presley, Dean, University of Texas To, Mr Richardson, Human Resource Officer, Filter Water Purifiers Ltd Dear Mr Richardson, I, Mr Presley, the dean of the University of Texas, am writing this letter to put forward a recommendation for the William Turner. William has been one of the better students that the university has… Read More »

Academic Recommendation Letter

From, Mrs Braganza, Principal, Winston Churchill School, Philadelphia To, Mr Knowles, Principal, St Thomas School, Dalhousie Dear Mr Knowles, I, Mrs Braganza, the principal of the Winston Churchill School, am writing this letter as a recommendation for the admission of Peter Parker in your esteemed educational institution. Mr Parker, Peter’s father, owing to the job… Read More »