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Professional Letters

Professional letters are letters written in strict technical terms that have a significant value in the respective professional fields. The purpose of these letters is as grave as the tone with which these are written and hence the former should be accomplished with great responsibility. It is required to give credence to formal processes like… Read More »

Summary Professional Letter

From, Mr Thomas, KDNT Constructions Ltd, Denver To, Mr Philippe, MMRDA Construction Materials Ltd, Denver Dear Mr Philippe, This letter has been drafted in sheer disgust of the recent developments in our business relationship. Last consignment of the construction materials has been thoroughly not the quality which should have been provided to us. We intimated… Read More »

Professional Letter Example

From, Mrs Lawrence, Class 5 Teacher, Victor High School, Chicago To, Mr Seamus, Principal, Victor High School, Chicago Dear Mr Seamus, This letter has surfaced out of severe desperation and I hope that this letter serves the satisfaction of my desperation. The thing is that my personal relationship has gone for a spin in the… Read More »

Document Professional Letter

From, Mr Eric, D-2, Victor Arcade, Wellington Lane, Houston To, Passport Registration Office, Houston Dear sir/ madam, This letter has been drafted as a response to the letter forwarded to me from the Passport Registration Office. The letter from you said that the documents provided by me for the verification of the details submitted by… Read More »

Professional Services Proposal Letter

From, Mr Benson, Spic-N-Span Cleaning services, Durban To, Mr Warrington, Durban Warehouse, Durban Dear Mr Warrington, I, Mr Benson, from the Spic-N-Span Cleaning services, am writing this letter to put forward an application for becoming the cleaning accomplice for the Durban Warehouse. This application has been drafted in response to the advertisement put forward on… Read More »

Greeting Cards Professional Invitation Letter

From, Mr Crouch, Head of Marketing Department, Finnegan Companies Ltd, Pretoria To, Mr Carl, Marketing manager, Finnegan Companies Ltd, Pretoria Dear Mr Carl, I, Mr Crouch, head of the marketing department for the Finnegan Companies Ltd, am writing this letter to put forward an invitation to the Cheese and Wine party. This party has been… Read More »

Professional Letter Layout

From, Mr Stevenson, Marketing manager, Durban Mall, Durban To, Marketing Staff, Durban Mall, Durban Dear staff people, I, Mr Stevenson, the marketing manager for the Durban Mall, feel extreme pride and honour in announcing the news that our department has been awarded the title of ‘Most Efficient Department of the Mall’. It has been wonderful… Read More »

Construction Project Guarantee Letter

From, Mr Draco William, Chief Executive Officer, Fox Star Constructions Ltd, London To, Mr Thomas, Minister for Infrastructure Development, United Kingdom Dear Mr Thomas, I, Mr Draco William, Chief Executive Officer for the Fox Star Constructions Ltd, am writing this letter to assure you that the project which has been entrusted into our hands shall… Read More »

Professional Letter Format

From, Mr Garner, P-14, Privet Drive, London To, Mr Jonathan, Human Resource Officer, Warehouse Fashion Apparels ltd, London Dear Mr Jonathan, I, Mr Garner, am writing this letter as an application for the post of Finance manager in your firm, as a response to the advertisement surfaced in ’The Jobs Daily’ on the date of… Read More »

Professional Letter

From, Mr Smithsonian, E-3, Galaxy Towers Apartments, Broken Boulevard, Edinburgh To, Mr Johnson, Human Resource Officer, FTRE Shopping Mall, Edinburgh Dear Mr Johnson, I, Mr Smithsonian, am writing this letter in response to the advertisement in ‘The Daily Times’ on the date of 11 July, 2010, on behalf of the FTRE Shopping Mall. I am… Read More »