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Order Letters

Order letters draft the specific orders of a company that are sent to the dealer. The orders are given in written for formal reservation of items and merchandise. Thus the specifications should be checked and revised properly as any error in the information is liable to cause huge losses for the company. The letter should be… Read More »

Business Order Letter

To, Fred Nicholson W-90, first floor Markson tower New York Respected Mr. Fred Subject: To place an order for products produced by your business organisation We are really pleased to inform you that we have considered your business request and are willing to correspond with you by placing an order of suitings and shirtings with… Read More »

Purchase Order Letter

To, Peter Parkinson 45-H, second floor Top Row tower New York Respected Mr. Parkinson Subject: This letter is to place a purchase order This is to inform you that we wish to place a purchase order of the basket balls produced by your company ‘Potter’s rubber products’. We have selected your brand after enough consideration… Read More »

Thank You for Order Letter

To, Mr. Daniel Radcliff 23-8, Marks street Timothy building, New York 12th March 2011 Respected Mr. Radcliff Subject: Thanking you for placing order We have just received your order request through your letter and we wish to express our gratitude to you for the same. Thank you for considering us the right choice for a… Read More »

Work Order Letter

To, Mr. Fredrick White White construction unit New York 27th Nov 2011 Respected Mr. White Subject: Placing order for work on a construction site Mr White, this is to inform you that your construction unit has been selected as the perfect construction company for the construction project of ‘in orbit mall’ in West New York.… Read More »

Free Order Letter

To, Mr. Peter Brown 34-k, miles lane Peter building, London 29th Dec 2011 Respected Mr. Peter, Subject: Placing an order for bicycles After our meeting with you on 26th Dec 2011, we were quite impressed by your latest production of bicycles and would like to place an order of 50 cycles for our upcoming store… Read More »

Order Letter Example

To, Ben Wright 23-K, Nottingham Street Block 4, London 12th Dec 2011 Dear Mr. Wright Subject: Order for wrist watches of the company ‘Wright brothers’ We are glad to inform you that we have come to a decision regarding placing an order with your company for wrist watches. After our meeting with you on 9th… Read More »

Order Letter Template

To Name of recipient [Give name of candidate] Address [Mention address of recipient] Date [Mention date of sending this letter] Subject [Write down the subject of the letter in less than 10 words] Dear _______ [Put down salutation and name of the recipient with an appropriate title] I would like to place an order with… Read More »

Order Letter Format

To Name of the recipient [write the name of the recipient] Name and address [write the name of the store or company along with the address] Date [write the date of sending the letter] Subject: [write the subject of the letter as precisely as possible] _____________ [write down the salutation and the title you think… Read More »

Sample Order Letter

To, Peter Markson Timothy rubber tyre limited 12-P, ground floor West New York Respected Mr. Markson Subject: Placing an order for tyre model number 5/m This is to inform you that we, the Patrick group of companies have decided to place an order for tyres for trucks made by our company with you. We wish… Read More »