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Marketing Letters

It is essential for every business to understand all the key strategies to employ in order to lead in the market place. A marketing letter is a document meant to compel customers to go for the goods and services you are offering. It speaks on your behalf and how good it is determines how successful… Read More »

Real Estate Investor Marketing Letter

From, Mr Collins, Head of Marketing department, GMX Constructions Ltd, Chicago To, Mr Smith, Dean, Imperial Institute of Architecture, Chicago Dear Mr Smith, I, Mr Collins, the marketing head for the GMX Construction Ltd, am writing this letter to put forward a proposal for the sponsorship of the annual event which your esteemed institution has… Read More »

Journal Of Marketing Letter

From, Ms Rosanna, Marketing manager, Ritz Shopping Complex, Stockholm To, The marketing staff, Ritz Shopping Complex, Stockholm Dear people, I, Ms Rosanna, the marketing manager for the Ritz Shopping Complex, have a happy announcement to be made today. The marketing department of the Ritz Shopping Complex has been awarded the title of ‘Most Efficient Department… Read More »

Free Sample Marketing Letter

From, Mr Kolinsky, Marketing manager, Wings Apparels Ltd, Lancashire To, Mr Rodriquez, Organiser, Student Ball event, Lancashire Dear Mr Rodriquez, I, Mr Kolinsky, the marketing manager of Wings Apparels Ltd, am writing this letter in response to the application sponsorship letter which you have conveyed dated 14 December, 2010. The event details have been studied… Read More »

Table Of Contents Marketing Letter

From, Mr Brad, Head of marketing department, End Star Medication Aids, Glasgow To, Mrs Raven, Marketing manager, End Star Medication Aids, Glasgow Dear Mrs Raven, I, Mr Brad, the head of the marketing department for the End Star Medication Aids, am writing this letter to elucidate certain areas of concern in our department. The inspection… Read More »

Good Marketing Letter

From, Mr Swift, Marketing manager, UBQT Shopping Mall, London To, Mr Stevenson, Principal, St Andrew’s school, London Dear Mr Stevenson, I, Mr Swift, the Marketing manager of the UBQT Shopping Mall, London, am writing this letter in response of the advertisement put on behalf of you school in ‘The Daily Times’ on 21st of June,… Read More »

E-mail Marketing Letter

August 6, 2010 Dear Anju, I know you are having a hard time juggling your job and housework and then comes the extra bills, tickets and things to be taken care of.  We are here at your service just for that. These are some of the ways I can be of service to you. ·… Read More »

Marketing Letter for New Business

August 6, 2010 Dear Friends: We announce the opening our store “Home Sweet Home” in the Avadi Market close to “Abirami Textiles” on August 15, 2010, and welcome you all.  We deal with all sorts of building requirements, specializing in flooring needs.  Once you step into our store, you will have all your building needs… Read More »

Marketing Letter for Services

August 6, 2010 Dear Friends, Have you ever wondered why there are not enough services to organize parties with a creative edge?  You have always had to make do with the services available here or travel great distances for setting up a party that pleases you.  We are pleased to introduce our event management services. … Read More »

Marketing Letter to Physician

August 6, 2010 Dr. Vijay Pandian Health s Wealth Clinic Chennai Dear Dr. Pandian: You have established your practice in this locality quite well and we are glad that you have procured the faith of all the people of this locality.  To introduce myself, I am working for the company, “Herbatones Remedies” and we deal… Read More »