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Love Letter to Boyfriend

Love letter to boy friend is a letter expressing feelings of a girlfriend for his boyfriend, and sharing the best moments and memories with him. These letters are informal in nature and must be filled with love and caring words. Please find a sample of love letter to the boy friend provided below. Sample of… Read More »

Love letters

Love Letters and poems to send right now Love letters are read and re-read a number of times.  This itself could be a major deterrent when you want to write them.  But it is not as difficult as it appears if you keep in mind a few simple things while writing one.  Some tips are:… Read More »

Hot Love Letter

Dearest love, It has been so long that I haven’t seen my love. The work really gets over me sometimes when I feel that it has been over a week that I have not seen those eyes which reflect my soul. But, the wait is over and I am coming back day after tomorrow. The… Read More »

Look For Love Letter

Dear Honey, This letter has been written with severe urgency and desperation. Please help me find something which I have lost. I tried to find it; but I have realised that only you are the person in the entire universe who can help me. I have lost my heart. I have lost it to you.… Read More »

Sad Goodbye Love Letter

Dearest Angela, This is Jonathan on the other side speaking to you. I know you might be shocked and sullen to not see me there but things have turned really nasty at our Houston workshop and I need to repair things before it turns berserk. You might be wondering as to why I did not… Read More »

Very Sad Love Letter

Dearest Jessica, I know you might never hear these words. But, I LOVE YOU. I have wanted to say this for a long time and when the time came this disaster happened and things have turned so much worse. Now you lie in coma with no feelings and the doctors say you might never come… Read More »

Inspirational Love Letter Sample

Dearest Sam, This letter will surface many things which I wish to say all over again. Firstly, I LOVE YOU. Secondly, I LOVE YOU and finally, I LOVE YOU. I love you from the core of my heart. You might be wondering as to why I am doing so having said this hundreds and thousands… Read More »

Sample Lost Love Letter

Dear Rosanna, The letter will convey you something which you might not be expecting. I am lost. I am lost in this material world; lost in search of your love and the only person to help me is one the other side of the globe. I am lost in the depths of your eyes for… Read More »

Sample Love letter for her

Dearest Suzanna, I LOVE YOU. I would not want to be like every other couple who do not say these words as many times they wish to owing to what I can never understand. I would colour our relationship each and every time with these words. Not that our love fades even by a minuscule… Read More »

Sample Love Letter

Dear Honey, It has been almost a year that we got married since our anniversary is approaching. People say that love eventually fades away after marriage. However, my love for you has grown even prosperous with every passing moment. I wish to relish those moments of love between the two of us when we used… Read More »