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Intent to Vacate Letter

An Intent to vacate letter is a form of letter written by the tenant to the  owner of the apartment or house property or known as the landlord informing him or her of leaving the area and moving out into new residences or whatever reason of vacating the rental area. Sample Intent to Vacate Letter James… Read More »

Pharmacy Residency Letter of Intent

A pharmacy residency letter of intent is a form of intent letter along with curriculum vitae which are both submitted for application. In this intent letter, it includes the complete details about your experiences related to the said pharmacy residency unlike the cover letter which outlines only the details and moreover it goes to your… Read More »

Letter of Intent Medical School

The letter of intent medical school is a form of letter made by a student who wishes to have his or her admission in the medical school. This letter will provide an opportunity for the student to express his or her intent of taking a medical course to his or her chosen  school. Sample Letter… Read More »

Letter of Intent Real Estate

Letter of intent real estate is a form of letter considered as legal document wherein both parties involved have their agreement settled. Purchasing a real estate includes the information needed to know by the purchaser and using the said intent letter it will serve as a treaty signed by both parties. Sample Letter of Intent… Read More »

Letters of Intent

A letter of intent is document summarizing an agreement between two or more parties before the deal is finalized. Letters of intent are like Memoranda of Understanding. A letter of intent may refer to Asset Purchase Agreements, Share Purchase Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements and or any other deal which aim relates to a large financial… Read More »

Intent Commercial Letter

From, Mr Cooper, Rock and Sand Constructions Ltd, San Francisco To, Mr Carl, Firm Construction Materials, San Francisco Dear Mr Carl, This letter is drafted to make you aware of the fact that your construction materials providing firm has been awarded the contract for providing the construction material to our firm for the new project,… Read More »

Letter Of Intent Example

From, Mr Crook, Head of Marketing Department, Wilson Shopping Mart, Denver To, Mrs Kahn, Marketing manager, Wilson Shopping Mart, Denver Dear Mrs Kahn, I, Mr Crook, the head of the marketing department for Wilson Shopping Mart, am drafting this letter in sheer pleasure and also under severe responsibility. The pleasure is in announcing the fact… Read More »

Letter Of Intent Law

From, Mr Stephenson, BMX Constructions Ltd, Glasgow To, Mr Clarington, MSRDC Construction Materials Ltd, Glasgow Dear Mr Clarington, I, Mr Stephenson, from the BMX Construction firm, am writing this letter t make you aware of the changes which have cropped up in the Intent Law of this country. It is very apparent that any business… Read More »

Contract Letter Of Intent

From, Mr Lawrence, D-4, Warrington Boulevard, Seattle To, Mr Philippe, F-A-7, Billboard Apartments, Privet Archway, Seattle Dear Mr Philippe, This letter has been drafted to put forward the legal matters as per the conclusions which were drawn in the last meeting between the two of us. The contract has to be extended for another 11… Read More »

Sample Business Letter Of Intent

From, Ms Kate, Head of Sales Department, Wings Apparels Ltd, Houston To, Ms Granger, Sales Manager, Wings Apparels Ltd, Houston Dear Ms Granger, I, Ms Kate, the head of the Sales Department for the Wings Apparels Ltd in Houston region, am writing this letter with a specific purpose. You must be informed with the news… Read More »