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CV Covering Letter Template

[Employer Company Personnel’s Name] [Title of the Personnel] [Employer Company Name] [Address 1] [Name of the Place] [Date] Dear [Employer Company Personnel’s Name], In response to your advertisement in [Mention the source of the news] dated [Mention the date] I hereby submit my CV for your kind consideration for the post of [Mention the post… Read More »

Love Letter Template

My dear [Mention your sweetheart’s name], I can only imagine this utter love I feel inside me for you. [Write in simple sentences how much you love her/him. You can also mention that nostalgic moment which you can never forget. Show your feelings to your beloved with a sense of how lucky you have been… Read More »

Introduction Letter Template

Full Name, Designation, Address Date (e.g. 6 March 2010 or 16 March 2010) To Mr/Ms/Mrs Full Name, Designation, Address Dear Mr/Ms/Mrs Last Name, Let me make the formal introduction of myself. I am [mention your name] in case you aren’t able to identify me yet, we met each other in the bi-monthly meet organized by… Read More »

Job Offer Letter Template

[Name of your company] [Mention the P.O. Box No.] [Name of City] [Name of State] [Zip Pin Code] [Date] [Name of Candidate] [Candidate’s Adress1] [Candidate’s Adress2] [Candidate’s City] [Candidate’s State] [Candidate’s Zip Code] Dear [Candidate’s Name] JOB OFFER [Name of your company] is pleased to offer you a job at the post of [mention the… Read More »

Proposal Letter Template

[Current Date] [Party’s First Name] [Party’s Last Name] [Party’s Title] [Party’s Company] [Party’s Adress1] [Party’s Address2] [Party’s City] [Party’s State] [Party’s Postal Code] Dear Mr, Ms [mention the name], We would like to present you with the proposal [Mention the details of the proposal. Clearly state the terms of the proposal especially things like profit… Read More »

Employment Verification Letter Template

[Employer’s Name] [Employer Address 1] [Employer Address 2] [City, State and Zip Code] Dear [Name]: Re: Applicant [mention the purpose of the verification] I have applied for a car loan from [Mention the Mortgage Company’s Name]. I would be thankful if you could verify [Request your employer to verify the form and also gently request… Read More »

Letter of Employment Template

Date Contact name Address 1 Address 2 City/State/Province Zip/Postal Code SUBJECT: LETTER TO CONFIRM EMPLOYMENT Dear [Contact name] We are pleased to confirm you’re being employed by our firm in the capacity of [Designation]. You will report directly to [Name] commencing with your start of employment on [Date] Your salary shall be [Annual Salary] per… Read More »

Warning Letter Template

To: Employee name Job Title Department From: Administrator or the Authority Job Title Date: Subject: [Mention what the warning is all about. For example: Written Warning – Unsatisfactory Performance] This letter is a warning briefing you [Write what the warning pertains to. Specify with details where the employee has defaulted and what the repercussions of these… Read More »

Apology Letter Template

Company’s Name: Company’s Address: Date: Dear (Put the recipient’s name and title i.e. Mrs., Miss, Mr., etc.) We are very sorry to learn that the lorry carrying 30 kilos (mention weight/size) of crystal ware (mention product name) met with an accident (state any other reason), due to which some of the merchandise developed cracks or… Read More »

Termination Letter Template

Date: Address: Dear (Recipient’s name), We regret to tell you that after being given three disciplinary notices (or state other form of warning/intimation) within the past eight months (state period), we see no change in your performance or behaviour. We hoped that there would be improvement in your interaction with your colleagues and you would… Read More »