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Christmas Letter Template

Address: Date: Dear (Put the recipient’s name), I hope you and Jane (mention other name if required) are doing well. Well it’s that time of the year again where after hard work it is time to relax and rejoice. So, on behalf of the whole family I wish you a very merry Christmas and a… Read More »

Letter Templates

Letter templates are documents which give an outline of a particular letter. This is especially useful in the case of formal or professional letters which follow a set of rigid formal and stylistic rules. Letter templates are extremely useful as they not only enable one to frame a formal letter in the correct manner, they… Read More »

Reference Letter Template

Name of recipient: Designation: Name of company: Address: Date Dear Mr (name), I hope my letter finds you hale and hearty. I have a favour to ask of you and I would be very grateful if you could take out some time to grant it. I have applied for a job in (name of company)… Read More »

Legal Letter Template

To, Name of tenant: Address: Date: Subject: Notice to quit premises (or name other subject) Dear Mr (name), Please accept this letter as a formal notice whereby we ask you to vacate the premises leased to you by (name of landlord) at (address, house number) on (mention date). As per the rent agreement signed between… Read More »

Party Invitation Letter Template

Name of recipient: Address: Date: Dear (name), I hope all of you are doing well. How is the weather in (name of place)? We are also enjoying our spring break and having a good time. I wish to invite you for (name of person) birthday party, which falls on (date). The party will be held… Read More »

Good Bye Letter Template

Recipient’s name: Recipient’s address: Date: Dear (name), As some of you may have already found out, today is my last day as a nurse in (name of hospital or any other organisation). I am leaving for (name of place) and will be joining (name of hospital) as (state designation). I just wanted to take this… Read More »

Resignation Letter Template

Recipient’s Name: Recipient’s Designation: Company’s name: Address: Date: Dear Mr/Ms (name), I request you to kindly accept this letter as a formal notification that I am leaving my position as (mention designation) with (name of company) on (mention date of resignation). Please take this date as the start of my two-month notice period, which will… Read More »

Farewell Letter Template

Recipient’s Name or names: Company’s Name (if needed): Address: Date: Dear (name), I am sure all of you have already heard about it, but I want to personally tell you again that I am leaving my job at (state designation and name of company) and my last day of work is (state date). I would… Read More »

Credit Letter Template

Credit letter number: Name of lender: Address: Date: Dear Mr (name), With reference to credit letter (number), we establish the credit in favor of (name of company or person), at the request and for the account of (name and address of owner) up to the total amount of Rs (mention amount in numbers), Rs (mention… Read More »

Party Acceptance Letter Template

Name of the sender Address 1 City, State Dear (Name of the receiver), I have received the party invitation regarding (mention the occasion for which you had received the letter) and I feel very excited and proud to be a part of your celebrations. I am eagerly waiting to attend the (mention the occasion again)… Read More »