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Legal Letters

Legal letter writing can seem a daunting task, but it need not be so.  A few tips to help you with Legal letters: The opening lines of the letter should clearly state who you are and why you are writing the letter. State your facts clearly and concisely.  It is best to avoid long winding… Read More »

Legal Forms Demand Letter

From, Mr Middleton, D-2, Winston Drive, Dalhousie To, Mr Strauss, C-3, Rolling Stone Lane, Dalhousie Dear Mr Strauss, This letter has been drafted on behalf of the entire association members. Last meeting between the potential association members resulted in the appointment of yours as the legal advisor for the to-be-formed association of ours. The association… Read More »

Legal Collection Letter

From, Mr William, Secretary, Globe View Co-operative Society, Lancashire To, All society members, Globe View Co-operative Society, Lancashire Dear society members, I, Mr William, the secretary of the Globe View Co-operative Society, am writing this letter to put light on some urgent issues which have cropped up. As you all are aware of the fact… Read More »

Section 129 Legal Letter

From, Mr Lewis, Legal advisor, Flying Garden Apparels Ltd, Germany To, The Board of Directors, Flying Garden Apparels Ltd, Germany Dear Board of Directors, This letter has been drafted to make you all informed about the changes in the amendments brought by the judiciary of this country in the section 129 of the law book… Read More »

Legal Definition Letter

From, Mr Elvis, Legal advisor, Masterstroke Insurance firm, Dalhousie To, Mr Brown, D-2, Bakers Street, London Dear Mr Brown, This letter has been drafted with the purpose of throwing light on the recent amendments in the insurance policy clauses which have been generated by the authorities at the Masterstroke Insurance firm. The end of the… Read More »

Legal Thank You Letter

From, Mr Marcus, Legal advisor, Wilson Communications Ltd, Houston To, Mr Darren, 4E, Waving Heights Apartments, Wellington drive, Houston Dear Mr Darren, I, Mr Marcus, the legal advisor for the Wilson Communications Ltd, am drafting this letter on behalf of the Wilson Communications Ltd firm in order to convey the heartfelt gratitude by the firm… Read More »

Professional Legal Letter

6th Aug 2010, Mr. John Grisham, Technical Industries, XXX Street Mumbai. Dear John, This is to inform you that the check you have sent for the payment regarding the delivery of goods was bounced. The delivery of goods was on 20th July 2010, and you have paid through check on 25th July 2010. As per… Read More »

Personal Legal Letter

6th Aug 2010, Mr. Jim Karter, 65, Adolf Street, Miami, United States of America Hello Karter, I am hereby giving the notice to you as you have caused damage to my property on 21st May 2010. I have already mailed you asking to pay the cost for repairing the damaged property but till now I… Read More »

Property Buying Letter

6th August 2010, Mr. James, 126 Pelham Road, Westville PO, New York. Dear Sir, I am constantly having enquires from people who want to buy the property in your immediate surrounding area. I am writing this letter to know whether you are interested to sell your property or not. If you will name the price… Read More »

Legal Letter to Insurance Company

To, Richard Steel General Manager New Zones Insurance Firm, California, August 2, 2010 Subject: Notice for insurance claim for accident/illness Dear Mr Steel, With reference to the insurance policy number 937959505AD, insured under the name Kyle Landgon, I wish to inform you that since any form or accident or illness is covered by this policy,… Read More »