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Job Application Rejection Letter

Job application rejection letter is one that is written by an employer to a candidate who has applied in the company to reject his/her application for the position. The letter should mention the reason for the rejection of the application. A sample of job application rejection letter is given below for reference. Sample of Job… Read More »

Job Letters

Job letters cover a wide range of phenomenon occurring at the job front from job offer to job promotion. It may be written by the recruiting company or by the candidate depending on what the purpose of the letter is. The content of the letter would thus vary with the type of letter. However what… Read More »

Job Resume Letter

To, Greg Parkinson Head, HR department Ben and John Corporation New York 28th March 2011 Respected Sir, Subject: Job resume for the post of junior marketing manager I, Mark Rhodes would like to present to you my job resume which is being sent to you for the job position of the junior marketing manager in… Read More »

Job Reference Letter

To, Jack Berk D-90, martingale square New York Respected Mr. Berk Subject: Job reference letter This is to inform you that I know Mr. Daniel Fredrick from the last 7 years, first as an employee and then as a great friend. He used to work as a junior marketing manager for the company ‘Maxwell systems’… Read More »

Job Letter from Employer

To, Bill Mark 45-H, second floor River street New York 12th March 2011 Dear Mr. Mark Subject: Job offer letter for the position of Industrial design engineer This is to inform you that you are being offered a job offer for the position of industrial design engineer in our company ‘Kell and Greg’.  We have… Read More »

Leaving a Job Letter

To, Greg Brown 23-K, Philip building Timothy Group New York 23rd Nov 2011 Respected Mr. Brown Subject: To inform you about my resignation from the job Sir, with extreme respect and sincerity I wish to inform you about the fact that I wish to resign from the job position of Junior Mechanical engineer from the… Read More »

Job Offer Letter

To, Peter Fredrick 12-T, second floor Paul tower London 13th Sep 2011 Dear Mr. Fredrick Subject: offering you a job in the company Marks and Davis We are very pleased to inform you that you have been selected and shortlisted for the job position of Senior Engineer in our company Marks and Davis. This selection… Read More »

Job Letter Example

To, Mr. Lewis White Mark and Jack organisation 3-P, second floor Park Avenue Street London 23rd July 2011 Respected Mr. White Subject: To apply for the job position of Junior Industrial engineer in your company This letter is written to apply for the job position of the junior industrial engineer in your organisation Mark and… Read More »

Job Thank you Letter Format

To Name of the recipient [write the name of the recipient] Designation [write the designation of the recipient] Address [write the address of the recipient with company name] Date [mention the date of writing the letter] Subject: [write the subject of the thank you letter] Respected ___________ [write the salutation and title you find suitable… Read More »

Job Letter Format

To Name of the recipient [Write the name of the recipient] Address [Mention address of the recipient above] Date [Mention date of sending this letter] Subject: [Write down the subject of the letter in less than 10 words] Respected __________ [write the suitable salutation and a title for the recipient] First paragraph: [the first paragraph… Read More »