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Thank You Letter after Interview

A Thank you letter after interview is made by an applicant to the company or organization expressing his or her appreciation for an opportunity of interviewing. This letter is used to thank the staffs and the company for giving him or her a time to interview and get to know more aside from the requirements… Read More »

Interview Decline Letter

Interview decline letter is written by the candidate to the HR manager, explaining him the reason for not attending the interview, on the said date. Interview decline letter should be written in a very professional and subtle manner. Here is one sample of such interview decline letter sample for help. Sample Interview Decline Letter To,… Read More »

Interview Invitation Decline Letter

Interview invitation decline letter is one that is written by a candidate to decline an interview invitation that he has received from an organization. The letter has to be written in a formal tone by giving the reasons for decline. A sample interview invitation decline letter is given below for help. Sample Interview Invitation Decline… Read More »

Interview Proposal Letter

To, Paul Martin HR Manager Fortune Enterprises Limited Nottingham UK 21st October 2013 Subject: Interview Proposal Letter Respected Mr. Paul, Through this letter, I would like to put a proposal to be considered as a suitable candidate for the interview, so that I get an opportunity to discuss my set of skills and credentials with… Read More »

Interview Letters

Interview letters play a very significant role in the decision taken by the recruiters whether to hire a candidate or not. The choice of words and tone take up an almost equally important place along with the content and information provided through the letter. The candidate has to know how to conceptualize and frame the… Read More »

Interview Call Letter

To Henry Bell 34-h, first floor Martin square Los Angeles Dear Mr. Bell Subject: Call for interview for the position of Industrial design engineer This letter is to inform you that you have been shortlisted for the job position of Industrial design engineer which is in response to your application letter which we received on… Read More »

Interview Response Letter

To, Kell Andrews B-90, second floor Markson tower New York 19th May 2011 Dear Mr. Andrews Subject: Interview response letter Mr. Andrews, thank you for sending me an interview invitation letter. I received the letter on 17th May 2011. I really appreciate your consideration and would like to confirm the fact that I am perfectly… Read More »

Invitation to Interview Letter

To, Fred Yardley 12-h, first floor Henry square Latin Street, London 17th of September 2011 Dear Mr. Yardley Subject: Invitation to interview for the post of Junior Space research Scientist This letter is in reference to your job application for the post of Junior Space research scientist in our company Space Research Centre. We received… Read More »

Job Interview Letter

To, Peter Pettigrew Ernst villa London 13th May, 2011 Dear Mr. Pettigrew Subject: Response to your job application for the post of Mechanical engineer in our company Mr. Pettigrew, this letter is in response to your application for the job position of Mechanical engineer in our company Marks and Jolts. Your request was considered and… Read More »

Post interview Letter

To Greg Hardley Markson and Jack Corp New York 12th March 2011 Respected Mr. Hardley Subject: Thanking you for taking out precious time for conducting the interview Sir, I want to thank you for meeting with me on 10th March 2011 for the job interview for the position of the Industrial designer. I am extremely… Read More »