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Inquiry Letters

Inquiry letters are online or typed letters of concern sent to a prospective job-generating company with hindsight to take a position in the firm. These are written to corporate firms, the profile, pay-package, administration and policies of which ardently interest the writer. It is also written to seek out information from a source like railway… Read More »

Discount Inquiry Letter

From, Mrs Braganza, 14-F, Lamington Drive, London To, Manager, UDRS Shopping House, London Dear sir/ madam, This letter has been written in response to the promotional pamphlet send to me from the UDRS Shopping House dated 16 July, 2010. I have been an old customer for this shopping mall and I have appreciated all its… Read More »

Police Inquiry Letter

From, Mr Presley, B-14, Galaxy Towers Apartments, Flower Boulevard, Chicago To, The Police Officer In-Charge, Flower Boulevard Police Station, Chicago Dear sir/ madam, This letter has been drafted on behalf of the residents of the Galaxy Towers Apartments. The letter seeks for the details of the various permissions required to be secured for holding an… Read More »

Academy Inquiry Letter

From, Raven Logan, E-2, Winston House Road, Edinburgh To, Mr Knowles, Dean, Imperial Institute of Medical Sciences, Edinburgh Dear Mr Knowles, I, Raven Logan, am writing this letter to make some inquiry regarding the admission in your elite educational institution. I have recently cleared my High School examination and I am looking forward to pursue… Read More »

Business Credit Inquiry Letter

From, Ms Theresa, Bank manager, ICUC bank, South Houston Branch, Houston To, Mr Roger, F-2, Broken Boulevard Lane, Houston Dear Mr Roger, I, Ms Theresa, the bank manager of the South Houston branch of ICUC bank, am drafting this letter in reply of the business credit application which you have submitted to the bank dated… Read More »

Association Inquiry Letter

From, Mr Louis, D-4, Trance Beauty Apartment, Waterloo Archway, London To, Field manager, Find Blood for Poor association, London Dear sir/madam, I, Mr Louis, am writing this letter to make a polite inquiry regarding the functioning of your association. A couple of days before, I came to know about your association and the noble task… Read More »

Application Inquiry Letter

Ronald Clark 586, Atlantic Beach, Florida- 32224 June 07, 2011 ABC Company Inc, Florida-32224 Dear Sir/Madam, Sub- Inquiry for the application for the job I have seen your advertisement for the job that you have in your company. However, I did not get from the advertisement information about how to make application for the job.… Read More »

How to write Inquiry Letter

Today, inquiry letter plays very crucial role for those who are in the confusion and need answers to their various queries. In such circumstances they can take help of inquiry letter to find the answers. You can write inquiry letter in a simple letter format as given below. Name of Sender, Address of Sender, Date,… Read More »

Student Inquiry Letters

Donald Harris, Deer Park, 596, Washington-99006 June 07, 2011 Washington College of Management, Examination Department, Wshington-99006 Dear Sir/Madam, Sub- Inquiry about examination form submission I have heard from my different classmates that the exam form submission process has been started. Since, I am not available in the city for coming three days so I would… Read More »

Credit Inquiry Letter

Paul Jackson, 569, Alexander City, Alabama-35010 June 07, 2011 Credit Bank of Alabama, Alabama-305010 Dear Sir, Sub- Inquiry about the credit services of your bank I would like to make inquiry through this letter about your various credit services that you usually provide to your customers. I hope that you will understand my needs and… Read More »