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Christmas Holiday Letter

To Mr. John Travis 65 Trent Road California Dear Sir Here’s wishing a very merry Christmas to you and your family. It’s that time of the year again to spread cheer and good wishes. We at ABC services would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support for the last 5… Read More »

Holiday Letters

Holiday letters are a good way of keeping in touch with friends with whom you are not in touch on a regular basis.  These letters are generally addressed to the circle of people with whom you wish to remain in contact. It is best to take time and address individual persons rather than dash off… Read More »

Holiday Letter Example

From, Mr Darren, Junior sales manager, DYPT shopping arena, Denver To, Mrs Lawrence, Sales manager, DYPT shopping arena, Denver Dear Mrs Lawrence, I, Mr Darren, am writing this letter to ask a favour from you. I am writing this letter as an application for a week long holiday leave. I have been working tirelessly for… Read More »

Funny Holiday Letter

From, James, Class 7, New Model School To, Ms Braganza, Class 7 teacher, New Model School Dear Ms Braganza, This is James on the other side of the letter talking to you. This letter has been written to extreme desperation and I am hopeful that this letter shall fulfil the purpose for the desperation. Madam,… Read More »

Holiday Thank You Letter

From, Ms Jean, Sales manager, Pure Water Purifiers Ltd To, Mr Scott, Head of Sales department, Pure Water Purifiers Ltd Dear Mr Scott, I, Ms Jean, am writing this letter to express my pleasure and gratitude in accepting the holidays which the firm has awarded to me. It took me with a pleasant surprise when… Read More »

Holiday Appreciation Letter

From, Mr and Mrs Smith To, Mr Brown, Hotel Manager, Grand Sea View Hotel, Miami Dear Mr Brown, We, Mr and Mrs Smith, are writing this letter to express our gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful holidays which we have had in this esteemed hotel. The Hotel staff and the services, provided by them, have… Read More »

Corporate Holiday Letter

From, Mr Stevenson, Head of Marketing Department, Wilson Shopping Mart, New York To, Marketing Department Staff, Wilson Shopping Mart, New York Dear people, It gives me extreme proud and honour to address this letter to all. This letter has been drafted in order to make you all aware of the fact that Marketing Department of… Read More »

Official holiday letter

Mr. Talish Banerjee President ABC Mall Ballygunge Place, Kolkata 700093 January 16, 2011 To All Employees, I hereby inform everyone that there will be an official company holiday on February 25 to celebrate the company’s 75th foundation anniversary.  All employees should attend the celebration dinner on February 24 after which everyone is entitled to a… Read More »

Holiday letter to employees

Mr. Rahas Kucchal President Quality Services, Inc. Khair Road , Aligarh Uttar Pradesh – 202 001 December 20, 2010 To All Employees Dear Employees, In behalf of the company Board of Directors, I would like to greet everyone happy holidays!  Around the world, this meaningful season is celebrated and we are one in helping spread… Read More »

Holiday letter to boss

Mr. Tahir Pillai R. K. Puram, New Delhi – 110022 January 16, 2011 Mr. Rafat Adiga President Best Products, Inc. Mathura Road, New Delhi 110003 Dear Mr. Adiga, I write to you to ask for a holiday on February 15.  I had a medical check-up last week and my physician found a small lump at… Read More »