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Grievance Letter to Employer

A grievance letter to employer is a letter written by an employee or trade union leader to bring to the notice of the management of the organization regarding a grievance. The letter must provide complete details regarding the grievance issue. A sample letter is given below for reference. Sample of Grievance Letter to Employer To,… Read More »

Grievance Letters

A grievance letter is synonymous to a complaint letter written formally to let the authority know about the existing flaws in the system. It may take over any kind of problem related to the products or services of the company or both. Usually companies have complaint cells to handle these cases. The letter postulates areas… Read More »

Formal Grievance Letter

To. Mr William Moore Manager, Clearview Hotels and Trips Palm Beach, Florida October 22, 2011 Subject: Grievance against bad room service Dear Mr Moore, I write this letter to record my formal grievance regarding the room service that I had received in your hotel during my stay here from October 15 to October 20, 2011.… Read More »

Grievance Response Letter

To. Mr Lionel Spanning Software research analyst, New Tech Inc, Austin, Texas October 21, 2011 Subject: Response to your grievance letter dated October 20 Dear Mr Spanning, I have received your letter regarding your grievance against your team head Mr Daniel Rogers and his decision to cancel your vacation. I had a talk with Mr… Read More »

Grievance Procedure Letter

To. Mr Arthur Ronald General Manager, Ronald and Sons San Antonio, Texas October 20, 2011 Subject: Letter for grievance procedure Dear Sir, I am writing to inform you about some grievances I have about working in the accounts department. Please look into the matter based on the company’s grievance procedures. The main problems I face… Read More »

Employee Grievance Letter

To. Mr Arnold Smith General Manager, Graham Industries Cane Island, Florida September 20, 2011 Subject: Grievance against team leader Dear Sir, On August 20, 2011 I had applied for vacation leave for September 25 to October 15, 2011 to go to my home country. I have not availed of any vacation leave since the last… Read More »

Grievance Letter Format

Name of the company: Designation: Company’s address: Date: Subject: [Describe your purpose of the letter in less than 10 words] Dear/Respected Sir\Ma’am, [This is the most crucial paragraph as here you must inform the recipient what is the problem and what is your grievance. Basic facts related to the situation must be written down and… Read More »

Grievance Letter Example

To, Post-sales Department, Ace Air Conditioners, Waco, Texas 20th August, 20111 Subject: Grievance against servicing agents Dear Sir/Ma’am, I purchased two air conditioners from your store on January 21st, 2011 but within six months certain problems started occurring in one of the air conditioners. When I filed a complaint with your customer service department, they… Read More »

Grievance Letter Template

To, Name of recipient: [Give name of person or company] Designation: [Mention the position or designation of the recipient] Address: [Mention address of company or person’s office] Date: [Give date of writing the letter] Subject: [Write down the subject you have a grievance about] Dear ________, [Write down the salutation/greeting and the name of the… Read More »

Sample Grievance Letter

To, Metro Line Bus Service Chicago 18th July 2011 Subject: Grievance against lack of facilities for disabled in bus Dear Sir/Ma’am, I have been living in Chicago since five years and have been travelling in Metro Line buses almost every day. Due to my disability, I have been usually shown respect and offered help by… Read More »