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Goodbye Love Letter to Girlfriend

To, Jenny D Souza 89 Allan Lamb Street Utah, Wisconsin 5432 Dated: 9th of May 2012 Dear Love, You are the most important part of my life being my girlfriend, but now the time has come when I have to say good bye to you as I have been recruited in the American Navy as… Read More »

Emotional Goodbye Letter to a Friend

To, Lenny Bin 56 Hilly Billy Street Holly Wood, Los Angeles 6321 Dated: 9th of May 2012 Dear Lenny, It is difficult for me to control my tears as I write this letter to you. I am going away to a different city and it gives me immense sadness to bid you goodbye. I had… Read More »

Sad Goodbye Letter to Boyfriend

To, Jack Ripper High Rise Apartments Apt no. 340, Phase 2 865 Tango Charlie Street New London, UK 4590 Dated: 4th of May 2012 Dear Jack, It gives me immense sadness that I have to write this letter to you. I am not keeping well and have to go far away to a different city… Read More »

Thank you and Goodbye Letter

To, Larry King Marketing Department Head Black Well Group of Companies 67 Aspen High Street North Dakota, South Carolina 4590 Dated: 4th of June 2012 Respected Mr. King, I am feeling very emotional while writing this letter. I have to bid you goodbye as I am resigning from my position of marketing executive. I would… Read More »

Goodbye Letter to Friend

To, Terrence Malik 90 Indian Way Road New York, New Jersey 4589 Dated: 3rd of July 2012 Dear Terence, I am really emotional while writing this letter. I would have to bid you goodbye as I am going abroad for higher studies and would be residing there for next few years. You have been one… Read More »

Sample Good Bye Letters

Good bye letters are important in the sense that they can help you sum up your feelings while leaving a work place or a neighbourhood.  It is a good way of keeping the people you have interacted with, informed about your departure. There is no need to go into rambling details about the reasons for… Read More »

Student Goodbye Letter

Linda Richardson, Teacher, Green International School, New York-11701 June 10, 2011 Dear Madam, It has been so long since you are teaching me in the school. This is my last standard in this school and after this I will have to take admission in another school. I have already appeared the examination. So I would… Read More »

Goodbye Letter to Government

Robert Williamsons, President, Williamsons and Brothers Inc, Washington-99006 June 10, 2011 Federal Government, Urban Development Department, Washington Dear Sir/Madam, I with this letter would like to thank you to the federal government once again for showing its interest in our company for the construction of Flyover Bridge in the city. We were given this project… Read More »

Goodbye Letter to Employee

Richard Davis, Assistant Sales Manager, ABC and Co Inc, New York-11701 June 10, 2011 Dear Mr. Richard, We have heard that you are voluntarily terminating your job from this company. You have been working in this company as Assistant Sales Manager for last five years and during these five years you got recognition in everyone’s… Read More »

Funny Goodbye Letter

Dear Mary, It has been so long since we became friends and it has also been so long since you are bearing me. I know you do not want bear me anymore. So your wish is really going to be true. I am leaving this country next week. I know you would be very happy… Read More »