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Hotel Reservation Letter

Hotel reservation letter is for approving prior reservation or booking of rooms at any Hotel. It should always mention tariff charges, number of days and nights, check-in check out time and other facilities or services included in tariff charges. A sample letter is given below for help. Sample Proposal Approval Cover Letter To, The Guest,… Read More »

Letter of Eviction to Tenant

A letter of eviction to tenant is one that is sent by a landlord to the tenant for eviction from the property. This letter is of serious nature and calls for action on behalf of the landlord before initiating any legal proceedings against the tenant. The letter should be carefully worded without any errors. One… Read More »

General Manager Appointment letter

A general manager is a business executive who usually oversees a unit or firm’s marketing and sales functions, as well as the day-to-day business operations. A general manager appointment letter is one that is issued by an organization to a candidate to appoint him in the said position officially. A sample General Manager Appointment letter… Read More »

Excuse Absent Letter

An excuse absent letter is one that is written by a person who has absented from school, college or work due to some unavoidable circumstances. The letter has to be written in a polite tone by giving reason and excuse for absence. It is best to refer to a sample excuse absent letter written by… Read More »

Direct Claim Letter

A direct claim letter is written by person who has lent money to a borrower, taken some service from a service provider or bought any product etc. and in all the above cases the concerned person is not satisfied and he/she is making a direct claim for his/her losses. A sample Direct Claim Letter is… Read More »

Addressing a Formal Letter

Addressing a formal letter is one that is written by one person to another in official capacity. The letter has to be written in a professional way so that it maintains the décor of official communication between the two persons. A sample addressing an official letter is provided below for easy reference. Sample Addressing a… Read More »

Formal Greeting Letter

A formal greeting letter is one that is written by one person or company to another extending formal greeting for an occasion such as anniversary of the company or others. The letter has a  formal tone. A sample letter is given below for reference. Sample Formal Greeting Letter To, The Chief Executive Officer, Fritchley Marketing… Read More »

General Business Cover Letter

To, Bridget Fonda Purchase Manager Gas Garments Limited 54 Room View Road New York, New Jersey 3287 Dated: 8th of May 2012 Subject: Letter to express business interest Respected Miss. Fonda, This letter is to express our interest to do business with a reputed garment manufacturing organization like yours. We, Raw Materials Manufacturer Limited specialize… Read More »

General Introduction Letter

To, Jude Law Administration Manager Chain Saw Private Limited 90 Indiana Jones Street North Dakota, South Carolina 3498 Dated: 21st of May 2012 Subject: Letter to introduce our organization Respected Mr. Law, This is in regards to the advertisement posted by your organization regarding the requirement of a vendor to provide cleaning and plumbing services… Read More »

General Invitation Letter

To, David Miller Managing Director RG Group of Companies 45 Green Mile Road Sin City, Las Vegas 5690 Dated: 19th of June 2012   Subject: Letter to invite for business seminar   Respected Mr. Miller, This is to bring to your notice that we are organizing a business seminar for business students and junior level… Read More »