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Fundraising Request Letter

A fundraising request letter is a letter which a person or a company writes in order to make a request for fundraising to another person or company. The letter must state the reason for the request and how will the funds be used.  A fundraising request letter must sound polite and should be formal in… Read More »

School Fundraising Solicitation Letter

A school fundraising solicitation letter is a letter which is written by a person or party to request someone to help raise funds for a school or for a purpose related to a school. The letter is a kind of a solicitation to another individual so that the money can be used for charitable reasons… Read More »

Fundraising Sponsorship Letter

A fundraising sponsorship letter is a kind of a formally drafted letter which is used by a company to offer sponsorship for a certain fundraising event. Such a letter must state the purpose of raising funds and must give details of the event of fundraising as well. It should give the benefits of being a… Read More »

Fundraising Follow Up Letter

A fundraising follow up letter is a kind of a follow up letter which a person writes regarding a fundraising request or letter which he/she sent to a person or company previously. The follow up letter must try to make sure that the request was translated clearly and to reiterate on it once again. A… Read More »

Travel Fundraising Letter

To, Berry Howard Managing Director Hershey’s Chocolate Limited 56 Tango Charlie Road North City, Las Vegas 4390 Dated: 3rd of July 2013 Subject: Letter to raise funds for travelling Respected Mr. Howard, I would like to introduce myself as Ben Stiller, a social researcher who has to travel extensively for research work. I am planning… Read More »

Vendor Fundraising Letter

To, Ryan Gosling Managing Director Bates and Mates Cleaning Services Commercial Office Building 87 Red Fonda Street Miami, Los Angeles 7809 Dated: 22nd of June 2012 Subject: Letter to raise funds Respected Mr. Gosling, This is to bring to your notice that our organization is planning to start contributing to various social causes. In order… Read More »

Non-profit Fundraising Letter

To, Jake Blake Administration Department head Aspen Company Private Limited 3 Sea Weed Road West Virginia, New Carolina 5690 Dated: 19th of June 2012   Subject: Letter to raise funds   Respected Mr. Miller, This letter is in regards to the initiative taken by our nonprofit organization to contribute to the society. I would like… Read More »

Easter Fundraising Letter

To, Julianne Moore Administration Manager RG Group of Companies 78 Universal High Lane New York, New Jersey 6543 Dated: 3rd of June 2012 Subject: Letter to raise funds for Easter Respected Miss. Moore, This is that time of the year when all children and their parents celebrate Easter. But there are few children who stay… Read More »

Education Fundraising Letter

To, David Miller Finance Department head Los Angeles Manufacturers Limited 213 Green Mile Road Holly Wood, Los Angeles 5690 Dated: 9th of June 2012   Subject: Letter to raise funds for education   Respected Mr. Miller, This letter is in regards to the project undertaken by our nonprofit organization to provide education to the under… Read More »

Fundraising letters

Fundraising letters play a major role while collecting funds for any cause or charity. The letter must begin by establishing the credentials of the organization that you are working for or representing. It is good to present your case in a clear, concise and honest manner.  The reader will become wary if you promise to… Read More »