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Personal Employment Reference Letter

A personal employment reference letter is a letter which is written by a person to another to make a personal recommendation for certain job position. The letter states the name of the candidate who is being recommended along with all the reasons of his/her suitability for employment at that position. A sample of a personal… Read More »

Employment Contract Rejection Letter

An employment contract rejection letter is a letter which is used by a company to reject the offer of an employment contract or extension of an employment contract which is sent by an employee. The letter must state the reason for the rejection and should be framed in a professional and formal tone. A sample… Read More »

Employment Service Termination Letter

An employment service termination letter is a letter which is written by an employer to an employee to inform him/her about the termination of his/her employment from that company. The letter must clearly state the reasons for employment termination and should be written formally. A sample of one such employment service termination letter is given… Read More »

General Employment Recommendation Letter

Whenever a person recommends a candidate for employment at a certain position in a certain company, then the letter that is used to make this recommendation is known as a general employment recommendation letter. Such letters must speak highly of the candidate being recommended and must be framed using a formal format and tone. Sample… Read More »

Employment Contract Extension Letter

An employment contract extension letter is a letter which is used by an employer or a company to inform an employee that his/her employment contract has been extended. The letter must state the length of extension and the date from which the employment shall be extended. A sample of one such employment contract extension letter… Read More »

Employment Letters

Employment letters are documents which either confirm a candidate’s acceptance at a company or business firm, or which a candidate writes to request for an opportunity at a firm. The former is more often the case, and such letters are professional letters. Hence their tone is crisp, business like and concise. Since these letters are… Read More »

Employment Job Application Letter

Michael Johnson, HRD Head and Admin, READY International Inc, New York June 09, 2011 Dear Mr. Michael, Sub- Application for the post of Zonal Sales Manager Ref- Advertisement Dated 05/25/2011 in New York Times With reference to your advertisement in the New York Times dated May 25, 2011 I would like to apply for the… Read More »

Employment Interview Offer Letter

Daniel White, 444, Albertson, New York, 11701 June 09, 2011 Dear Mr. Daniel, Sub- Employment Interview Offer Ref- Application No. 4466/Dated 05/25/2011 With reference to your application for the post of Assistant Zonal Manager in our company dated 05.25.2011 we would like to offer you employment interview with us for the same post. We have… Read More »

Employment Interview Acceptance Letter

Edward Jackson, General Manager, Blue and Co Inc, Washington-99006 June 09, 2011 Richard Wilson, 2345, Deer Park, Washington-99006 Dear Mr. Richard, Sub- Employment Acceptance Interview Letter I with this letter would like to inform you that we have accepted your request for the interview for the post of finance manager in our company. After your… Read More »

Employment Interview Rejection Letter

Donald Harris, Recruitment Head, Green Finance Inc, Colorado-81212 June 09, 2011 Christopher Anderson, 555, Canon City, Colorado Dear Mr. Christopher, Sub- Rejection of employment interview It is regret to inform you that we have rejected the interview that we planned to take. You had applied for the post of Assistant Sale Manager in our company… Read More »