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Donation Letter for Non- Profit Organization

A donation letter for non -profit organization is a letter which is written by a person on behalf of a non- profit organization to request another person or company to make a donation for the cause or for the organization in general. A sample of one such letter is given below for your reference. Sample Donation… Read More »

Appreciation for Donation Letter

An appreciation for donation letter is a letter which is written by a person or an organization to thank someone for his/her donation for a charitable or noble cause and to appreciate his/her decision for donating funds. The letter is basically used to express gratitude for receiving the donation and must be formal in nature… Read More »

Thank You for Your Donation Letter

A thank you for your donation letter is a letter which a person or a charitable organization writes to another person or company to thank them for their donation to the cause or to the organization for a charitable reason. The letter must express gratitude openly and must be formally drafted. A sample is provided… Read More »

Decline Request for Donation Letter

A decline request for donation letter is a formally drafted letter which is used by a person to decline the request for a donation letter that was sent to him by a person or a charitable organization. Such a letter must also give the reason why the sender is declining the particular donation request. A… Read More »

Rejection of Donation Letter

A rejection of donation letter is a letter which is written by a person or company to reject a request for donation for a certain cause or event. The letter must be polite but should clearly and honestly state the reason for rejection. A sample of a rejection of donation letter is given below and… Read More »

Letter Asking for Donations

A letter asking for donations is one that is sent by a charitable institution to an individual or corporate seeking donation for a cause. The letter has to provide essential details such as project amount, goals of the project and donation being requested. Given below is a sample letter asking for donations for best use.… Read More »

Donation letters

Donation letters are generally unsolicited letters, so it important to keep the tone courteous and friendly. It is imperative to clarify at the outset what it is that you wish to ask for.  A Donation Request letter should be specific about what you are asking for, it could be money or unused items or even time… Read More »

Marketing Donation Letter

George Martin, Chairman, Martin financial Services, New York June 09, 2011 We have been running an NGO for last 10 years. The main aim of the NGO is to help people suffering with cancer and to enable them to live their normal life by providing essential guidelines about this disease. We have many specialist cancer… Read More »

Business Donation Request Letter

William Johnson, President, Williams and Co Inc, Washington-99006 June 09, 2011 Dear Mr. Johnson, It has been so many years since we started our school to provide education to poor children. Today, we have total five hundred students in our school. We have provided education through our education to about 5000 students till today. The… Read More »

Work Donation Request Letter

Anthony Robinson, Robinson Charitable Trust, Florida-32224 June 09, 2011 Thomas Davis, President, Davis and Co Inc, Florida-32224 Dear Mr. Thomas, We have been running a charitable trust for last 20 years. During these twenty years the trust has contributed a lot for the betterment of the society. At present, our trust is planning to build… Read More »