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Credit Inquiry Removal Letter

Credit Inquiry removal letter is a complain letter sent by the debtor to someone or to a loan company in which there was unlawful inquiry to someone’s credit account. The debtor indicates the cause of the dispute and the grounds that was breech to cause the said event, it also indicates the legal steps that… Read More »

Credit Letters

Introduction To Credit Letters Credit letters are nothing but those letters that are written by the bank which ensure the integrity and the honesty of the party that is making the purchase and also the selling party. The person who is selling the goods promises that he will meet all the terms and the conditions… Read More »

Letter of Credit to Importer

4th Aug 2010, Mr. Richard, Finance Manager Dear Sir, We are here to inform you that Vingette Chemicals confirm with full legal responsibility under penalty conditions, that we are willing to buy the materials under the company terms and conditions. We are requesting to open with us irrevocable documentary credit number for account of Vingette… Read More »

Advised Letter of Credit

ADVICE LETTER 1510-G/4895-E Subject:  Credit Card Payment Options San Diego Gas and Electric Company (SDG&E) filed Advice letter 1234-G/5689-A to seek approval to implement a one year pilot program for providing a payment of utility bills by credit card. The advice letter was approved on November. As part of its Advice letter the San Diego… Read More »

Stand-by Letter Of Credit

SBI, Hyderabad. 4th August 2010. Irrevocable Standby Letter of Credit No [87654321] Beneficiary: United States Department of Agriculture Rural Utilities Service 1400 Independence Ave, SW Washington, D.C, 2500-150 James Gouthaminagar, 587 Bentely, Hyderabad. Account Party: Dennis Srinagar, Hyderabad. Gentlemen, We, State Bank of India hereby open our unconditional, irrevocable standby credit on behalf of James… Read More »

Revolving Letter of Credit

Andhra Bank Head Office, Koti, Hyderabad. Date of Issue: Aug. 04. 2010 Our Irrevocable Revolving Letter of Credit: 7894 Date of Expiry: Aug. 06. 2011 Beneficiary: Sarathi Steel Industries Uppal Industrial Area Uppal, Hyderabad. This is in accordance to the request of our customer to be provided with the payment for the current project to… Read More »

Red Clause Letter of Credit

Andhra Bank, Ramanthapur, Hyderabad. Date of Issue: Aug. 04 2010 Date of Expiry: Nov. 04 2010 BENIFICIARY: Khurana Constructions 123, Princehood Complex, Ramanthapur, Hyderabad. APPLICANT: Star Wood Mill Opp. DD Studio Secundrabad This is in accordance to the request of our costumer, Star Wood Mill, we under the financial support of Andhra Bank, Ramanthapur, hereby… Read More »

Credit Dispute Letter

10th August, 2010 Mr. Ketan Pareek Kolkata, WB Subject: Credit Dispute Letter Dear Sir, With reference to our telephonic discussion on 6th of August, 2010, at the afternoon, we would like to make it clear that we had supplied you the desired quality of your articles at the preferred location on the specified date. The… Read More »

Transferable Letter of Credit

To ICICI Bank, Bandra Branch, Worli Mumbai. Date of Issue: Aug 04 2010 Our Irrevocable transferable Letter of Credit: 0000 Date of Expiry: Dec. 19. 2010 BENEFICIARY: Hindustan Lever Pipe Pvt. Ltd. Bandra Industrial Park, Andheri East, Worli Mumbai. APPLICANT: Plastic Manufacturing Company Kaushambi Industrial Area East Delhi This is with reference to the request… Read More »

Confirmed Letter of Credit

Invoice Number: 17234 Reference No: 235 Date: 21-September-2009 Mr. John Wright National Exports & Co. Virginia- 38. Dear Mr. John Wright, We are very happy to receive the confirmed letter of credit from you. Hope you have read the terms and conditions carefully before issuing it, and we feel you have paid attention at the… Read More »