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Condolence Letter to Sister

A condolence letter to sister is written to a sister on loss of her loved one. The letter must express sympathy on the loss of the sister and must show care and concern of the writer to the grieving sister and her family. Below given is a sample condolence letter to sister. Sample Condolence Letter… Read More »

Condolence Letter to Cousin

Writing a condolence letter to a cousin is the best way to show support and comfort to the cousin and his/her family members on their loss of a loved one. One can show his or her concern and care for the cousin on his significant loss through a short but thoughtful letter. Given below is… Read More »

Condolence Letter to A Friend

The purpose of a condolence letter is to pay tribute to the deceased person and relief and support to the family.  When a person is writing a condolence letter to a friend, who has lost a family member it has to be a simple and steady note that comprises the sender’s thoughts and emotions about… Read More »

Condolence Letter to Daughter

A condolence letter to daughter is written to a daughter to pay condolence on the death of her near and dear one. In such a letter one can write and express about the sympathy, love and solidarity he or she feels for the daughter and her family. It should express the true feelings in the… Read More »

Condolence Letter to Sister In Law

A condolence letter to sister in law is written to pay condolence to sister-in-law for death of her near and dear one.  Such a letter is written to offer comfort and sympathy to the sister-in-law and her family. Words of great care and comfort could be included in this letter. Given below is a sample… Read More »

Condolence Letter To Parents

A condolence letter to parents is written to send sympathy to parents for their loss which can be of their child, family members or friends. Any loss of a near or dear one is the most grieving incidents in a parent’s life and at this time you can show your support and sympathy by an… Read More »

Condolence Letter To Sister

A condolence letter to sister comprises of the right words of sympathy when she has suffered a loss of family member or any other close friend. The letter is written with the aim to show the sister that she are in your thoughts and that you are standing by her side on this sorrowful occasion.… Read More »

Condolence Acceptance Letter

A condolence acceptance letter is often written as a reply to the condolence letter. The acceptance letter must be written to thank the person for showing their love, support and sympathy at difficult times. The letter can contain details like how it helped you in overcoming the sorrow and stress that you were facing. Sample… Read More »

Funeral Condolence Letter

Writing a funeral condolence letter is a difficult task as you have to express all that you feel for the bereaved as also you need to express how the departed had touched your life in different ways. Keep your condolence letter short and preferably hand written instead of typed, include an acknowledgement of the death… Read More »

Professional Condolence Letter

A professional condolence letter is often written to a colleague, boss or any other person whom you know professionally in order to show sympathy for their loss. These types of letters must be short and precise just to show that you care enough to remember the person when they are facing hard times. A sample… Read More »