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Certification Letter from Employer

A certification letter from employer is one which is issued by an employer in favor of the employee. The letter provides certification of the employment credentials of the employee and is written with a formal tone. A certification letter from employer is given here below for better understanding. Sample Certification Letter from Employer To, The… Read More »

Certification Letters

The certification letters are those which are accompanied by a certificate to a person. It is basically an information letter which contains the information of why and how come the person lands in the benefit of getting the certificate awarded to him or her. These letters also serve as the acknowledgement letters for recognizing the… Read More »

Certification Letter Example

From, Mr Roy, Fly High Airlines, Cape Town To, Mr Lockhart, B-13, Galaxy Towers Apartments, Bandstand, Cape Town Dear Mr Lockhart, I, Mr Roy, from the Fly High Airlines, am privileged and honoured to make you informed about your selection for a special membership in an elite group of our patrons. Last travel made by… Read More »

Certification Letter Law School

From, Mr Jones, Principal, Sterling Law School, Edinburgh To, Ms Stella, Batch RE32, Sterling Law School, Edinburgh Dear Ms Stella, This is Mr Jones, the principal of the Sterling Law School, writing this letter to you in order to make you aware that your results are out and that you have successfully completed the concerned… Read More »

Internship Certification Letter

From, Mr Conrad, Sales Manager, HYT Constructions Ltd, Chicago To, Mr Brown, Intern, HYT Constructions Ltd, Chicago Dear Mr Brown, I, Mr Conrad, am writing this letter to make you aware of the fact that your internship in the HYT Constructions Ltd has been accomplished by you on a successful note. The internship is meant… Read More »

Work Certification Letter

From, Mr Smith, Donate Life NGO, London To, Mr Louis, B-12, Bakers Street, London Dear Mr Louis, This letter has come into effect to acknowledge the valuable services which you have rendered to the noble cause of blood donation for the drive which our NGO has been organising. You have not only provided us with… Read More »

Job Certification Letter

From, Mr Potter, Head of Marketing department, Sterling Mall, Houston To, Mr James, Marketing Manager, Sterling Mall, Houston Dear Mr James, I, Mr Potter, the head for the marketing department for the Sterling Mall, am writing this letter to acknowledge the valuable services which you have rendered to the Sterling Mall over the years. The… Read More »

Cerrtification Letter Template

From, Mr Lewis, Principal, Sky High School, Miami To, Mrs Watson, History teacher, Sky High School, Miami Dear Mrs Watson, I, Mr Lewis, the principal for the Sky High School, am writing this letter to accept and acknowledge your decision to discontinue your services. The school has been privileged to have you as the history… Read More »

Certification Letter Format

From, Mr Terence, Dance teacher, Swing On Dancing Academy, Seattle To, Mr Jonathan, Batch 2E21, Swing On Dancing Academy, Seattle Dear Mr Jonathan, This letter has been drafted by Swing On Dancing Academy to make you aware of the fact that your dancing training in the dance form which you have chosen has successfully been… Read More »

Employment Certification Letter

From, Mr Lawrence, Sales manager, Witchcraft Mall, Denver To, Mr Stevenson, Junior Sales Manager, Witchcraft Mall, Denver Dear Mr Stevenson, This letter has come into effect to convey our acceptance of your wish to hang up your boots as the junior sales manager for the Witchcraft Mall. We free you from all the commitments and… Read More »