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Cancellation of Room Reservation Letter

Cancellation of Room Reservation Letter is a letter which is written with a purpose of informing a hotel representative or tourist registration office regarding cancellation of an existing reservation or booking. Before writing such letter, one should carefully read the terms and conditions of that hotel or travel agency with respect to cancellation policy. Given… Read More »

Cancellation of Insurance Policy Letter

A cancellation of insurance policy letter is a letter which an insurance company writes to an insurance policy holder to inform him/her that the insurance policy has been cancelled. The letter must also state the reason for the cancellation of the insurance policy and should be formal in nature. Given below is a sample of… Read More »

Cancellation of Purchase Order Letter

Cancellation of Purchase Order Letter is a letter that is written to a supplier in order to inform him/her about cancellation of a particular order or orders given by the sender of the letter. Such a letter is generally written when the sender is not satisfied with the services or is no longer in need… Read More »

Cancellation of Membership Letter

Cancellation of Membership Letter is a letter written by a member of any hotel, club, gym, library, etc. to that enterprise regarding request for cancellation of his/her membership at that place. The letter must mention about the appropriate and correct reason for cancelling the membership. Given below is a sample letter for the same purpose.… Read More »

Cancellation of Contract Letter

Cancellation of Contract Letter is a letter written by a person to inform that he/she is ending the contract. The letter is addressed to the other person/authority involved in the contract to inform him formally that the contract would be null and void thereon. Such letters could be written for terminating both – business as… Read More »

Purchase Agreement Cancellation Letter

A purchase agreement cancellation letter is either written by the purchaser or the seller in order to cancel the purchase agreement that is entered between them. These types of letters are formal in nature and must mention the reason for cancellation and other necessary details. A sample letter for reference is given below. Sample Purchase… Read More »

Rent Agreement Cancellation Lette

A rent agreement cancellation letter can be either drafted by the tenant or the landlord in order to cancel the rent agreement which is entered between the parties. These types of letters must mention the details as to why the sender wish to cancel the agreement and other needed details. A sample of such letter… Read More »

Business Agreement Cancellation Letter

A business agreement is entered between two or more business organisations, collectively agreeing to the desired terms and conditions. When either of the parties wishes to cancel the agreement, they may inform the others by writing a business agreement cancellation letter. These types of letters must mention the reason for cancelation and other needed details.… Read More »

Tenancy Contract Cancellation Letter

Tenancy contract cancellation letter is a cancellation letter that might be written by a landlord or a tenant, informing about the decision to cancel the tenancy contract. This letter is written in a formal manner, mentioning the reason behind the cancellation and states other necessary details regarding the tenancy contract. Sample Tenancy Contract Cancellation Letter… Read More »

Tenancy Agreement Cancellation Letter

Tenancy agreement is formed when a tenant and a landlord mutually agree with the tenancy terms and conditions for a particular rented out property. A letter that states sender’s purpose and reason behind the cancellation of the tenancy agreement is called as tenancy agreement cancellation letter. This letter can be written either by the tenant… Read More »