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Apology Letter to Parents

Apology letter to parents is a letter which is written by a child to his/her parents in order to seek their apology. These types of letters are written when a child has committed a mistake or has hurt the parents with his/her words or act. The letter is informal in nature and must have an… Read More »

Business Apology Letter to Employee

A business apology letter to employee is written by a business in order to apologize for their mistake or misunderstanding. These types of letters can be written by senior member of the business or HR staff. The letter must mention the reason for the apology and compensation given if any. These letters are formal in… Read More »

Service Recovery Apology Letter

A service recovery apology letter is written by an individual or a company to apologize for the delay in service recovery. When companies provide services, they need to provide recovery services as well and when they fail to do that these types of letters are written. The letter must mention the reason for the delay… Read More »

Poor Customer Service Apology Letter

A poor customer service apology letter is written by a person to apologize for their poor customer service. These types of letters are generally written in response to the complaint made by a customer regarding poor services. The letter is generally written by the manager or any other senior staff member and must mention the… Read More »

Automotive Service Apology Letter

An automotive service apology letter is written by an automotive center to apologize for the delayed or poor service as complained by the customer. These types of letter must mention the reason for the delay or poor services and must also mention the way in which the automotive center will compensate the unsatisfied customers. A… Read More »

Service Delivery Apology Letter

To, George Franz Sales Manager Glow Enterprises Limited London UK 26th April 2014 Subject: Service delivery apology letter Respected Mr. Franz, I am writing this letter on behalf of Fortune Enterprises Limited. We have got your letter dated 24th April, filing a complaint against the poor delivery of the services to you. We have acknowledged… Read More »

Staff Apology Letter

To, Darwin Paul Staff Win Enterprises Limited Buckingham UK 26th April 2014 Subject: Staff apology letter Respected Mr. Darwin, I am writing this letter to apologise for my rude behaviour towards you and for reacting in such an arrogant manner. I am really sorry for shouting on you in the middle of the business conference… Read More »

Personal Apology Letter

Dearest Ronald, I have gathered courage to write to you personally and apologise with all my heart. I know that you must be deeply hurt with what happened at the party hall that day and I know that no words may heal the situation. I am writing to apologise from you for my obnoxious behaviour… Read More »

Apology Letter to Husband

Dearest husband, I just want to start this letter by holding my ears and by begging an apology from you. No words may heal the pain that my rude and harsh words might have caused to you but I am writing to let you know that I am sorry with all my heart. I have… Read More »

Love Apology Letter

Dearest Samantha, I am writing this letter with a heart full of love to let you know that I am really very sorry for breaking your trust. I know that you are deeply shattered with what I have done but believe me; I didn’t wanted to hurt you. I really love you darling and I… Read More »