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Announcement Letter for New Manager

An announcement letter for new manager is a kind of a letter which is used by a company or a workplace to announce the fact that a new manager has been hired and to introduce him to the rest of the staff. Such a letter must have a formal tone and format. A sample is… Read More »

Student Scholarship Announcement Letter

Student scholarship announcement letter is an official document that states a certain scholarship program for students of schools/ colleges or other educational institutes. This letter contains the concerned details of scholarship such as the scholarship amount, eligibility for applying for the scholarship program, other necessary terms and conditions of the said program. Sample Student Scholarship Announcement… Read More »

Real Estate Announcement Letter

Real estate announcement letter is an official declaration by real estate agents to notify about their new ventures or policies in real estate to prospective clients. These letter details the concerned agent’s services, his experience in this field and other related details. Sample Real Estate Announcement Letter To David Peterson 12th Amsterdam Street, New York, USA.… Read More »

Realtor Announcement Letter

A realtor announcement letter is a formally drafted and written letter which is used for the purpose of announcing a new realtor to an organization of realtors or any other workplace. Such a letter must talk about the realtor and should introduce him to the recipient/recipients of the letter. Sample Realtor Announcement Letter: To, Community… Read More »

Announcement Policy Letter

Announcement policy letter is drafted to inform the potential clients about a new policy in a certain concerned field. This letter is drafted in a compelling manner and it details the terms and conditions of the said policy, how this policy would benefit the client and why he should consider to invest in this policy.… Read More »

Dispute Resolution Announcement Letter

Dispute Resolution Announcement Letter is issued by the mediator or arbitrator, stating that the two parties are mutually agreeing on the terms and conditions and will be entering into the contract which will formalize their relationship. Please find the sample of dispute resolution announcement letter. Sample Dispute Resolution Announcement letter To, The HR Manager, ABC… Read More »

Announcement Letter for New Service

To, Jackson Charles Customer Flamingo Street, House Number 34 Birmingham UK 26th April 2014 Subject: Announcement letter for new service Respected Mr. Charles, I am writing this letter on behalf of the marketing department of my company, Fortune Beauty Enterprises Limited. I feel overjoyed to announce that we are starting new services and offers at… Read More »

Wedding Announcement Letter

To, Mr. & Mrs. Peterson Main Park Street, House number 3/42 Hudson Apartments Nottingham UK 26TH April 2014 Subject: Wedding announcement letter Dear Mr. & Mrs. Peterson, With much delight, I would like to announce the wedding ceremony of my dearest daughter Martha Charles, with the love of her life, Bob Paul. Bob and Martha… Read More »

Winner Announcement Letter

To, All the participants 26th April 2014 Subject: Winner announcement letter Dear Participants, We are pleased to announce Jane Austen as the winner of the essay completion that was held in William’s Hall, Nottingham, on 20th April 2014. Heartfelt congratulations to the winner for her sparkling victory! The participants were given a topic of “what… Read More »

Real Estate Agent Announcement Letter

To, Customers and Agents UK 26th April 2014 Subject: Real estate agent announcement letter Dear customers and agents, I am writing this letter on behalf of Florida Real Estate Company. I feel delighted to announce to you all that we have appointed a new real estate agent at our company, Mr. Ronald David. Mr. Ronald… Read More »