Cancellation of Contract Letter

By | January 15, 2015

Cancellation of Contract Letter is a letter written by a person to inform that he/she is ending the contract. The letter is addressed to the other person/authority involved in the contract to inform him formally that the contract would be null and void thereon. Such letters could be written for terminating both – business as well as service contracts. Given below is an example for such a letter.

Sample Cancellation of Contract Letter:


Mark Moore

55 Featherstone Street



United Kingdom

25th March, 2014

Subject: Cancellation of Contract Letter

Dear Sir,

I am Emily Scott and I have been using your services since last 2 years. The service contract with your IT service provider company is going to expire next month on 30thApril, 2015. I am writing this letter to formally inform you that I would like to terminate our contract on the above date and will not be renewing the contract.

I am satisfied with the services provided by your company and therefore I would like to end this relationship on a good note. Some other IT company is providing me with better services at a much affordable rate. The time of response to a service request agreed with them is much more suitable for me.

The contract mentions 1 month prior notice for informing cancellation of contract. Therefore, I am informing you well before stipulated time. You could contact me regarding any issues related to the termination of contract on 789977889.

I had a good experience with your company and wishing you all the best for your future.


Emily Scott