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Effective Christmas Letter

102, Defense Quarters,

New Defense Colony,

Maharani Bagh,

New Delhi,



Dear Ankit,

It’s been a very long time that we met. How are you buddy? It’s been over a decade of our friendship and I cherish all those memorable moments that we had spent together.

Its Christmas now, and I remember how we used to celebrate the Christmas Eve together by freaking outside; roaming around the city streets with clubbing shoulders. Those days were fabulous! This Christmas though I am miles away from you, but I will always remember you and I pray to God that every person should be blessed with a friend like you. This Christmas I am at Hyderabad but I promise you my friend, that for next Christmas, we will raise the toast together, like we used to do in olden days in the same pub. May this Christmas bring you and your family happiness and joy!

Cheers to our friendship. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

With Love,


Christmas Letter to Uncle

15, Stalk Lane,
Pantaloon Street,

Dear Uncle Peter,

How are you? Hope you and aunt Jennet are having fun in your new house. We are very much excited to visit your new Villa.

Uncle you know what!! You are my mentor. You were always there whenever I needed you. You have always guided me through all my difficult times. I will always remember it and be grateful to your support and guidance. Uncle, you have always inspired me and motivated me to do the right things. I am writing you this letter, to tell you how much I love you and would like to wish you a very happy and prosperous Christmas. I remember the days when we used to celebrate Christmas in our place. We used to have a huge blast together. I raise a toast to you and Aunt Jennet. Merry Christmas!!

May this Christmas brings all the happiness and prosperity to you. Miss you a lot. Have fun together.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,


Christmas Letter to Brother

PENN University Campus,
Telecom Department,
PENN University Hostel,

Dear Sam,

How are you? Mom and Dad miss you a lot. As your studies would be completing by the Christmas time; everyone is expecting you here and hoping to celebrate this Christmas Eve with you.

This Christmas would be a very special Christmas for both of us, as you are returning home after a long time. We really missed you during the Christmas season while you were away, studying in another state. Do you remember the last Christmas we celebrated together three years ago? We played a prank with Stuart by gifting him a dead lizard in a neatly gift packed box as a Christmas gift. Remember his reaction? It was so funny!! Brother, this Christmas would be the best Christmas ever.

Brother, I missed you a lot. This time I have done a lot of shopping for you. I love you a lot. Come back soon. Merry Christmas!!

Yours lovingly,


Christmas Letter to Sister

3rd August 2015,


13th Palmdale Street,

Awkward Lane


Dear Joe,

The Christmas season has arrived once again and it is time, that we all celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus. The Christmas season is truly special for all. Thank you for the lovely Christmas gift you got me. With all the running around I have been doing of late, I am so glad you have found it in your heart to remember me, although I sent you the gift a little late.

This Merry Christmas letter will be a reminder of how far we have come and the farther we should get. The year has been very kind to our family, the blessings have been enormous and the year generally a memorable one. I hope to see you on christmas day during the family gathering. Have a Merry Christmas and a blessed holiday.

Yours loving brother,


Christmas Letter to Mother

3rd August 2015,


45 Charely Avenue.

Dear Mom,

You said that you were not exchanging any gifts this Christmas because you can’t afford it any more. Well I am buying a gift for you. I think about all the years of gift giving that I didn’t have to do to catch up with what you have given to me. I could never pay you back for all you have given to me beginning with my life itself, from fifteen to twenty years you are giving me Christmas gifts before I ever even tried to buy you something with my own money.

Mom you may not still dress the dolls for me to put on my bed, but you can never erase the memories of the one that you made for me. You can give me the best Christmas gift in the world. Just accept me, and my gifts, graciously, and without thinking that how much it cost me. I want to give you love that you have given me over the years and hope that it means as much to you as your love means to me.

Yours lovingly,


Christmas Letter to Son

3rd August 2015,

Ram Sharma

H.No.9/8/7, Any town Lane

Some Street


Dear Son,

Seems like yesterday you were a little baby learning to walk and talk. And here you are, a handsome, smart, wonderful young man ready to start taking on the world. We would like to first wish you a very Merry Christmas. Christmas is the time of the year when we celebrate the birth of Jesus. It has been a long and challenging year since last Christmas. Christmas cannot pass without wishing you a Merry Christmas. You have brought happiness and joy to our lives. The suit which you have gifted me fits perfectly, and I have actually been the recipient of number of complements from my colleagues. Thank you for your lovely Christmas gift.

In closing we would like to wish you joy this holiday season, and our best wishes for health and happiness throughout the year.

With love,


Christmas Letter to a Daughter

3rd August 2015,

Maya Sinha

H.No 5/9/1,

Gouthaminagar, Starigh Streer


My dear daughter Maya,

From the day we found out we were expecting you, we knew that god has chosen you for our family, you will always be my little girl. You have enchanted me since the day we met. But you are growing up and it’s wonderful to watch you grow into a lovely young women and I am proud of you. It is Christmas time again for the family, my Christmas letter this year is also full with blessings.

I thank the lord for keeping the family intact and showering us with blessings, happiness and good health since last Christmas. I also ask him to extend his kindness and protection to every family member and the whole world on this Christmas and the coming year. May you have the best Christmas and a memorable year.

With love,


Christmas Letter to Friend

3rd August 2015,

Pooja Singh,

234, Park view Apartments,


Dear Pooja,

It is indeed very rare in these days to find true friends on whom we completely rely and trust. Yet when we find such true friends, it is also so easy to take them for granted. The real gift is the love that Christmas brings, and the togetherness that is shared in one name. It is not about how many lights are on the artificial tree or how much you spend or how many gifts you get or give.

Christmas is here and it is finally time to celebrate with all our near and dear ones. This year we approach the holiday season with a fresh attitude. We are inviting all our loved ones to share and participate in the tree trimming ceremony. Good friends are blessing. We will be waiting for your presences on the Christmas day.

Yours loving friend,


Christmas Letter to Prisoner

4th August 2015,

Robert F.Schuh #5269-58,

Federal Prison Camp- Atwater,

PO BOX 01996,

Atwater, Calif.5862.

Dear Bob,

Thank you for your letter which was written on Dec.19, Merry Christmas to you too. I appreciate that after everything that has happened; you were able to write a funny letter, one that looks to the future. What I admire is that, in all your letters which you have sent to me from prison, you have stressed on the positive things you have been doing in your life.

I can recollect a letter in which you have mentioned that you would probably stay in California, United States after your release, as you have a lot of friends who can help you leading better life. I think you are a bit depressed, during this lonely Christmas. My love and affection is always there with you. I wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for your life.

Yours Sincerely,


Christmas Letter to Boss

3rd August 2015,



Anytown OH 9625-4586.

Dear Boss,

This is a wonderful season to tell you nice warm wishes from your humble employee. I know that the year has been roller coaster in the side of our company but because of your dedication we have over come all the problems that we faced. Christmas is said to be the time to celebrate the birth of our lord Jesus Christ and I would like grab this opportunity as well to celebrate our company’s productive and fruitful year. You have shared with us the success of the company and that really touched each and every employee’s heart. We thank you for that and for every gesture of yours.

For this Christmas you have shown to us the true and the wonderful meaning of it, and in return, we wish you all success in life and prosperity of the company. Accept my warm greetings.

Your humble employee,