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Christmas Letter Template



Dear (Put the recipient’s name),

I hope you and Jane (mention other name if required) are doing well. Well it’s that time of the year again where after hard work it is time to relax and rejoice. So, on behalf of the whole family I wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. May the good Lord shower His blessings on you and your family and bring prosperity and happiness in the coming year.

We are going on a holiday to (name of place) for (number of days) and hope to celebrate with our loved ones amidst beautiful scenery and good food. Do visit us if you haven’t made plans already. It’s been a long time since we met and what better time to catch up on the good old times than the holidays! Please let me know about your plans.

Wish you a merry Christmas once again.

Yours lovingly,


Romantic Letters

Love and romance makes us want to express our feelings in a poetic way and what better way to do than write a romantic love letter to our beloved. Even in the hustle bustle of the digital age, when we have phones, SMS, emails, e-cards etc to communicate with that special person in our life, nothing can beat the charm of a love letter.

Romantic letters have been sent by the greatest poets since time immemorial; it captures the pining and longings of the heart and conveys what a lover goes through when his beloved is not near him. Even today, we can write love letters to add that special touch, expressing passion, desire and yearning, showering compliments or sheer poetry.

Romantic letters may be short or long, funny or poetic; they can be addressed to one’s spouse, fiancé, or girlfriend or boyfriend. Whatever be the format, it should ooze love and express the lover’s feelings in a beautiful way.

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Employment Letters

Employment letters are documents which either confirm a candidate’s acceptance at a company or business firm, or which a candidate writes to request for an opportunity at a firm. The former is more often the case, and such letters are professional letters. Hence their tone is crisp, business like and concise. Since these letters are formal letters, they follow a strict stylistic and formal norm, they are written in a particular style which is deemed appropriate and they include, for the candidate’s help, information regarding the job he or she has been selected for. Details like salary, perks, and work hours are often included in the employment letter itself, or in the form of attached documents with the letter.

The second kind of employment letters, which are written by potential candidate soliciting a particular company for jobs, is also formal in nature. They must be written in a tone that coveys the efficiency, business like thought process and reasoning, passion and zeal of the candidate. They must be written very carefully as often they form the basis on which first impressions are formed. They should also be composed in a tone of humility, and must provide all the necessary information about the candidate. Thus, employment letters are of many kinds, and each kind must be written by keeping in mind their own special codes of signification.

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Sympathy Letters

Sympathy letters are expression of condolences for those in bereavement. Sometimes it becomes very hard to accept the death of a loved one. It is during those times that people need the company and support of family members and friends who can partially heal the sorrows with sympathy. It is personal in nature as it is written to express personal feelings and pity.

Accumulation of agony may result in unresolved conflicts within oneself that best stands busted with the help of close ones. Sympathy letters should thus be written by entering into the mourner’s shoes and empathising with him. It is to be remembered to choose those words and phrases that we find soothing in our times of distress. It is to be written to comfort the reader depending on the intensity and type of loss like game-losers, divorcees, ailing people, or owner of a lost pet.

The key points to make a sympathy letter effective are as follows:

  • The message conveyed should be short and substantial. No mourner would have the patience to read a long message of condolence.
  • The words chosen should be credible instead of overstated or melodramatic.
  • Assurances should be given in a sorrowful tone acknowledging the loss.

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Scholarship Letters

The cost of education in the top institutes all over the world has been steadily increasing in recent times. But scholarships awarded by colleges, universities or private organisations make sure that quality education does not stay out of the reach of the common man.

Scholarship letters are written by students to a college, seeking a scholarship, whereby the student requests for a partial or full fee waiver. A letter written by an educational institute replying to a student’s request for scholarship, either accepting or rejecting the proposal, also falls under the category of scholarship letters.

While writing a scholarship letter, there are a few things you can keep in mind: Find out what the scholarship committee wants from an applicant and mention it in your cover letter. You should know who the right person to be addressed is. If your request is accepted, show your gratitude and enthusiasm for being given the opportunity to study in that institution.

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Letter Templates

Letter templates are documents which give an outline of a particular letter. This is especially useful in the case of formal or professional letters which follow a set of rigid formal and stylistic rules. Letter templates are extremely useful as they not only enable one to frame a formal letter in the correct manner, they are also easily accessible, and they cater to everyone from amateur letter writers to professionals. Letter templates must be clear, cogent and precise. They should provide a sharp idea of exactly how a letter will be framed. Though a form of a letter is often dependent on the content, one must keep in mind that certain outlines are common to all letters. Letter templates must also both acknowledge and transcend the differences between different kinds of letters.

Letter templates may be of many kinds. Some are as follows:

  • Business letter template
  • Employment letter template
  • Leave requisition letter template
  • Employment seeking letter template
  • Professional letter template
  • Reference letter template, and so on.

Most letter template give the basic outline of the form of the letter, and the letter writer can add or delete aspects as suits his or her needs. Once one has the basic form, content may be varied according to one’s wishes.

Credit Letters

Introduction To Credit Letters

Credit letters are nothing but those letters that are written by the bank which ensure the integrity and the honesty of the party that is making the purchase and also the selling party. The person who is selling the goods promises that he will meet all the terms and the conditions that are covered in the credit letter. The bank, which represents the purchaser, makes a promise in return to make the full amount payment that is owed for all the goods.

A credit letter has some guidelines which usually give an outline to the contents of the letter. It is these guidelines which help in determining all the conditions and the terms that are made by the seller, the bank and the buyer in the trading and negotiation process.

There are various types of credit letters like Standby Letter of Credit; this letter makes a promise to the seller that the payment will be made only after the goods are delivered. This kind of letter is more like a reassurance compared to the original credit letter.

There are other types of credit letters also like Credit repair letter, credit dispute letter, transferable letter of credit, commercial letter of credit etc..

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Writing a letter of Appreciation

You must have heard someone saying “Very Good. You have done a great job” or “Thank you sir for the help”. These are two illustrations which show appreciation being showered.

In our day to day affairs, we need to write letters which can convey our appreciation towards people and it holds a greater importance in an office environment.

Writing appreciation letters serves dual purpose. First you let the other person know his good work is being appreciated. As a human instinct, it is but natural for us to long for such appreciation. Secondly, this bolsters our spirit and we strive hard to excel further next time.

It is also considered as an effective tool of communication. These letters keeps the flow of communication at a smooth rate.  In these days of global melt down it acquires even greater importance. Therefore, be intelligent to imbibe in you the habit to write letter of appreciation whenever the need arises.

Letter of Appreciation to Employer

Mr. Chandar Prakash Mahanta

Proprietor M/S Jahveri Jewellers Pvt. Ltd.

2, New Sagar Road



17th May, 2010

This letter is meant to convey you my gratitude towards the help you did in my daily commuting. Your noble idea to provide a bus service exclusively to the employees of the establishment deserves kudos. To make our happiness double, you also invoked the idea to give the service at subsidised rates.

Before the introduction of the bus service, I had to leave home early and had to go through the drill of changing 3 busses to reach the office. While returning back to home I would find everyone almost going through their last leg of the sleep.

But ever since the service came into effect, these days I am also able to give quality time to my small kids. I am sure this will benefit both the company as well as myself.




M/S Jahveri Jewellers Pvt. Ltd.

Scholarship Appreciation Letter

The Vice Chancellor

Madurai Kamarth University

23 G. Pally

Chennai – 600102


17th May, 2010

Dear Sir

I would like to convey my sincere thanks for granting me the 2 year scholarship awarded by your university.  The granting of the scholarship will definitely pave my way to greater horizons. It has been my childhood dream to do the PhD in micro-biology from your university.

This dream would not have come true without the scholarship being awarded to me. For, my financial disability to meet the costs involved with pursuing such a course would not have permitted me to continue. For someone like me who doesn’t have any financial backing, this scholarship holds even greater importance to me.

But your sanctioning of the scholarship only strengthens my belief that I would be successful in completing the course. I would also be thankful if you can familiarise me with the obligations which will arise to me because of this scholarship.

Thanks once again from the core of my heart.



MSc. Chemistry

Ferguson College.