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Children Christmas Letter

Children’s belief in Santa is strong and admirable.  Whenever they make wishes, the best express it on paper and list how well they behaved since last Christmas, any achievements they achieved and why they deserve gifts.  Alternatively, a Children Christmas letter can be addressed to children and adults alike as shown in the Christmas letter below.

Dear Uncle Sam,

Thank you for the lovely presents you got me. I love the game boy present and will take good care of it. When you visit us, I will show it to you. Mom told me it’s very expensive and I should take care of it.

I also sent you a black hair band. Hope you liked it. Mom told me black is your favorite color. When I get money I will buy you a good house, a good car and I will take trips with you around the world.

Your nephew,



Father Christmas Letter

Many people write a Father Christmas letter addressed to Santa when making wishes for the Christmas season, either for gifts or generally prayers.  It is symbolic for expressing desires and aspiration on paper or making what you want known.  Here is a sample Father Christmas letter.

Dear Santa,

I would  like a skateboard and a merry go round for Christmas. I want to be a professional skate boarder and win many trophies. We will be rich and my mom will not get to work after many hours. My brother, Mathew would like a game boy to replace the one he lost while on a safari to Africa.

Mom told us that you receive so many letters but I know you will look for ours and get me the presents. Thank you for the last Christmas presents. I gave the trousers to my brother after I outgrew them.


James and Mathew

Christmas Greetings Letter

A Christmas greetings letter is a special letter intended to reach out to friends, family and relatives to get to know how they are fairing on, what their plans for the Christmas holiday are and generally to wish them all the best that the Christmas season can offer.

Dear Jacob and Maryann,

Christmas is the time of the year when we celebrate the birth of Jesus. A time filled with laughter from little children and friends like you. Christmas cannot pass without wishing you a merry Christmas.

You have brought happiness and joy to our lives. These holiday season greetings are the most special gift from our family to yours. May they be a sign to you of how we value your friendship. We feel honored to be your friends and neighbors.

Jacob and Maryann, we wish you nothing but the very best during this Christmas holiday and in the New Year!

With the warmest wishes from,

Peter and Laura Bauer

Thank You Christmas Letter

Dear Bernard,

I take this opportunity to write you my thanks for the office suit; it was surprisingly what I wanted for Christmas!  I tried calling you to thank you in person but I wasn’t able to reach you. I left a message on your voicemail.

The suit fits me perfectly and I have actually been the recipient of numerous complements from my colleagues. Some of them have as gone as far as asking me where they can get a similar one! I can use the suit for dinner dates and also in my office. How can I possibly thank you?

So, this is to thank you again and again for the lovely Christmas gift you got me and the fact that am in your thoughts makes me feel special. Hope we will meet soon so I can thank you in person. Have a merry Christmas and a blessed holiday.

Kind regards,

Edgar Kanye

Christmas Letter to Employees

A Christmas letter to employee is written by the employers or board of management to appreciate the efforts by employees in service delivery and wish them successful and happy Christmas holidays. Here is a sample;

To all employees of the Macquarie Groups of Hotels,

The Macquarie Groups of Hotel Board of Directors would like to extend our warm Christmas and New Year greetings to our staff and their families, spread all over the world. Macquarie has seen a tremendous growth under your able stewardship and sacrifice during these tough economic times.

We have had a number of challenges through the year but your courage, determination, hard work and relentless desire to fulfill the company objectives has brought us this far.

During this holiday season, we want to wish you a merry Christmas and a pleasant New Year. May our heavenly Father bless you abundantly.

Happy holidays!

Macquarie Group of Hotels

Business Christmas Letters

Dear Mr. Brandon White,

Ocean Seven Freighters management and staff would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a happy new year during this festive season. This festive season is a time to remember the friends, customers and business associates who have helped our freight business be where it is today. Your loyalty has been undeniable and priceless, we ask the Lord to multiply your blessings so we may do business some more in the next year.

It has been a pleasure doing business with you throughout this year and we believe that next year will not be any different. The management believes in our core value: “customer satisfaction and prompt delivery of services”. As we embark on the journey that is the coming year we again thank you and send our best wishes. May the New Year come filled with happiness and the success you deserve.

Happy Holidays!

Ocean Seven Freighters

Funny Christmas Letter

Dear four-legged friends,
I hope this holiday season finds you warm, happy, dry and most importantly full. I am doing very well. My family is also doing well. However, lately they have been neglecting me. Reason, about two months ago, the two biggest people who brought me home from the shelter also brought a tiny thing. They refer to it as their “bundle of joy”. But while it is small, you cannot believe how loud it can scream or the smells that come from it. And though she is adorable, I hope I won’t have to share my bed with her. I have some news. I have been learning how to walk on two legs. I wonder how my family members mastered walking on two because I cannot even take two steps without falling. All in all, my year has been great. How about yours? I am looking to reading your letter.

Your friend,

Dog Welsh

Christmas Letter Format

Christmas is that time of the year when we get in touch with old friends, relatives and other associates.  The best way to do this is often through Christmas letters and cards.  It is better to try coming up with something new each time when writing a Christmas letter to someone, it has no specific format but the standard widely recognized Christmas letter format goes thus:

Dear Friends and Family,

I write this letter to see if I can use the word Santa at least ten times.  It is my sincere hope that it finds you in good health and spirit.  The year has been very kind to me and my family, the blessings have been enormous and the year generally a memorable one.  Most significantly, our newest member of the family was born on August 21stand his name is Bob.  I can as well say that Santa can duplicate our joy and happiness this Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas Letter

Christmas letters can be very special letters compared to any other holiday letters.  Although Christmas comes only once like many other holidays, it carries lots of weight since it is a time many people take the opportunity to remember their long lost friends, families, loved ones and other relatives.  Here is a sample Christmas letter.

Dear Jade,

Thank you so much for the wonderful gift you sent me this Christmas.  With all the running around I have been doing of late, I am so glad you found it in your heart to remember me, although I sent you the gift a little late.  Everyone at home is in good health, Tim is happy and Grace says Hi.  I hope to see you on Christmas day during the family gathering.  I look forward to us catching up and updating each other.

May God bless you till we meet on Christmas day.


Sample Christmas Party Invitation Letter

Invitation for Christmas Party


Christina Anderson,

134, Hallmark Apartments,


19th December 2015.

Dear Christina,

It is with great pleasure I invite you to the (Christmas Party) at (our home) on (23rd December 2007) at (1700 hours).

I really hope you would be able to make it convenient to come over.

Looking forward to seeing you,

Best Wishes,