Warning Letters

By | November 16, 2011

Warning letters are used for varied purposes. However, it is the most common in educational institutes, credit card companies and workplaces. These are generally addressed to the offender who violates the terms of an organization or does not abide by the set rules. Sometimes these letters are designed with notifications that precisely discuss the legal consequences which the offender might face on violation of agreed terms or norms. Therefore, it is essential to outline such letter with powerful and strong wordings so that it could deliver a clear warning prior taking any action.

Irrespective of the subject of warning, one must try to document a warning letter essentially by keeping the following points on finger tips:

  • Before documenting a letter, it is necessary to review the reason of warning. This would help to make firm statements and could potentially help the recipient to understand why a warning letter was necessary.
  • The warning letter must be written on an authoritative tone so as to make it official.
  • Discuss about the consequences or legal implications in detail, which might occur if the warning letter is ignored.
  • It is important to close the warning letter with a note of gratitude yet with a professional tone.

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