Warning Letter Template

By | April 20, 2010


Employee name

Job Title



Administrator or the Authority

Job Title


Subject: [Mention what the warning is all about. For example: Written Warning – Unsatisfactory Performance]

This letter is a warning briefing you [Write what the warning pertains to. Specify with details where the employee has defaulted and what the repercussions of these were. Also state the period for which he was given ample chance to rectify his mistakes]

You were given more time [Mention in which form] to your projects by [mention the period]. This has led to [State what were the repercussions].

Please bear it in mind that [State what is going to be the scenario if the employee continues with the same mistake.].

I do acknowledge by giving my signature below [Mention here a brief detail that the employee had been given appropriate chance of being heard. Take his consent it will be kept in his/her personal file].

Employee Name:

(Employee Signature)