Warning Letter Example

By | November 16, 2011


Gary Roy,

Sales Head, Finish Motors

63 Street, Detroit

November 10, 2011

Subject: Warning against inappropriate behaviour

Dear Mr Roy,

I am writing you this letter as a written warning for your inappropriate behaviour at the workplace. Although we have issued several verbal warnings to you, it seems that they have fallen on deaf ears. Please take this as an official written warning, and if you don’t take it seriously, it will be followed by your dismissal from the company.

You present yourself for work late without even giving a valid excuse, you take leave without informing your superiors and your behaviour with your co-workers is unacceptable. We have more applicants who would love to be in your position and we would also like to give the job to someone who deserves it and appreciates it. So please keep this warning in mind before you indulge in such behaviour again.

With regards,

Yours truly,

Mary Pillar

Head, HR department