Used Car Sales Letter

By | February 18, 2009

15th Feb 2006.

Mr. Charles Walkins,

Purchasing Manager,
DTEB Company,
Pretoria, South Africa.

Dear Sir,

In the past couple of years, buying a new car was the in thing. It didn’t take long before the fancy shiny cars started to fail. The spare parts became unavailable or unaffordable since they were too expensive. This is the time buyers started appreciating the worth of used cars. Old is gold like they say and that is why at South Motors we specialize in buying and selling old cars. We do some refurbishment and you can barely tell it’s an old one.

As a purchasing manager in your company you buy cars for employees to help them work efficiently. This is where old used cars come in handy. Due to the nature of the work at your company, you are required to travel for long distances. Used cars will handle the tear and ware better. Your consideration will be highly appreciated.

South Motors Ltd,


South Africa.